How to Install Windows XP on VMware Workstation 15

In this article, we will examine how to run Windows XP in the virtual machine using the program installed on the Microsoft operating system.

How to Install Windows XP on VMware Workstation 15

How to Run Windows XP Professional on VMware Workstation 15 (15.1.0) in PC

As you know, Windows XP was a popular operating system. Microsoft ended Windows XP support in 2014. Therefore, it is best to use a more up-to-date OS on your computer. However, the automation machines used in some institutions or organizations need an older system, such as WinXP, because these machines were built on an old date.

Or, if you are someone who still loves WinXP and want to use it on your computer, it is better to run Microsoft XP on virtual machines. After you setup a virtualization program such as VMware, VirtualBox, or Hyper-V on your Windows 10 computer, you can install it on the machine.

In our previous articles, we configured Windows XP with other virtualization programs.

In this article, we will use the VMware Workstation 15 Pro virtualization software to install it on Windows 10.

How to Install Microsoft Windows XP on Virtual Machine using VM Workstation/Player 15

Install VMware 15 software on your computer before proceeding with the XP installation steps with VMware. Then, download the ISO image for VMware by clicking the button at the bottom of the article.

You can now follow the steps below to run WinXP in VMware software.

   Step 1

After you install VMware 15 Pro on your computer, you must create a new virtual machine for MS XP. To create a new machine in VMware, click Create a New VM.

Create a New Virtual Machine

   Step 2

In the New VM Wizard window, select Custom (Advanced) to continue with the advanced settings and click Next.

New Virtual Machine Wizard

   Step 3

You need to select the version of the VMware program you are using in the Choose the VM Hardware Compatibility window. Workstation 15.x will appear here because VMware 15 Pro is installed on your computer.

For VMware VM compatibility, select Workstation 15.x and then click Next.

Choose the Virtual Machine Hardware Compatibility

   Step 4

After you have prepared the virtual computer, select I will install the operating system later and click Next.

I will install the OS later

   Step 5

In the Select a Guest System window, select Microsoft Windows because you are going to build XP in the virtual pc, and select WinXP Professional in Version and then click Next.

Select a Guest Operating System

   Step 6

Type the name of the OS that you will set up in the Name the VM window. Storing the VM on a USB 3.0 HDD is important for performance. To do this, click the Browse.

Name the Virtual Machine

   Step 7

Select your external HDD and create a new folder. Then select the folder named Windows XP that you created and click OK.

Choose VM Location

   Step 8

After configuring the installation location of the virtual machine, click Next to continue.

Store the VM in a Different Location

   Step 9

In the Processor Configuration window, configure the number of processors based on the hardware features of your computer.

If you have a fast PC and want to set up and use it faster, you can configure 2 processors / 2 cores to the virtual machine.

Processor Configuration

   Step 10

In the same way, determine the RAM value for the virtual machine based on your computer’s RAM capacity.

RAM Configuration

   Step 11

If you want to connect to the Internet after the installation, select Bridged or NAT in the Network Type window and click Next.

VMware Network Types

   Step 12

In the I/O Controller window, click Next to continue with the BusLogic option selected by default.

I/O Controller

   Step 13

In the Select a Disk Type window, continue with the selected IDE option by default.

Select a Disk Type

   Step 14

You must create a new HDD for installation using VMware on Windows 10. To create a virtual disk, select Create a new disk and click Next.

Create a new virtual disk

   Step 15

The recommended disk size for WinXP Professional is 40 GB. However, it is recommended that you configure a 20 GB disk size if you are going to use the VM for simple purposes only.

In addition, to back up the virtual machine disk file as a single file type, select Store virtual disk as a single file and click Next.

Store disk as a single file

   Step 16

In the Specify Disk File window, you can change the name and location of the virtual machine disk file. However, since you can use Windows XP with VMware on a different disk, you do not need to change the option here. Click Next to continue the installation.

Specify Disk File

   Step 17

Click Customize Hardware in the last step of installation.

Customize Hardware

   Step 18

In the Hardware settings window, click Processors, and then select Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI from the Virtualization Engine section.

Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI

   Step 19

Click the CD/DVD device to add the ISO to the VM, and then select the Use ISO image file option and click the Browse button.

Use ISO image option

   Step 20

Select the Windows XP ISO file for the Workstation software that you downloaded to your computer and click the Open button.

Windows XP ISO file for the VMware

   Step 21

Click Close to exit the machine hardware settings.

Clone VM Settings

   Step 22

After creating a new virtual computer, click Finish.

Ready to Create VM

   Step 23

To start the installation on Windows 10 using VMware Workstation, you can click the Power on this virtual machine button.

Power on this virtual machine

   Step 24

Windows XP setup on VMware started! You can now set up it on the VM step by step.

Windows Setup

   Step 25

After you create a virtual machine on the VMware virtualization software, click on the image below to setup Windows XP step by step!

Do not forget to install VMware Tools after completing the installation steps!

Installing Windows XP Step by Step

How to Run Windows XP Pro with VMware ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to setup Microsoft WinXP on VMware Workstation step by step and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

Microsoft XP Setup Video

   Final Word

In this article, we have examined how to setup WinXP step by step using a VMware virtual machine on a desktop or Laptop computer. The using of WinXP on VMware is very easy as you can see. Thanks for following us!

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   Download Windows XP ISO for VMware Workstation

Click on the following button to download the Win XP ISO file for VMware.

Download ISO Image


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    please send me the adress to download xp iso.

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 11 May 2020

      You can download it from the button at the bottom of the article.

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    What do I do when the XP is installing on my VM and it asks for a license key?

  4. Avatar for jeydaa jeydaa 21 August 2020

    The license key is included in the zipped file.


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