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This website is intended to respect the law, the law, copyright and personality rights.

If you believe that any content on SYSNETTECH Solutions is infringing on the rights of your company or your person, you can contact me personally by sending an e-mail to the contact.

Rightsholders who believe that copyrighted matters are shared or legally infringed will be removed from the website within 3 (three) business days after they have submitted their complaint and found to be in breach of their prohibited rights.

Personal Information Privacy Policy

When reading articles on this website and want to leave comments on these articles, you are asked to enter some personal information. Your name and e-mail are the contents that we define as required information to be entered. This information is meant to be compulsory, rather than for whom the answer comes from and for the seriousness of the person. It is in no way shared with third parties or entities for any other purpose.

E-Mail Address Privacy Policy

The E-mail address that you have added for Mailchimp subscription registration and your e-mail address for Feedburner subscription are provided for you to access the articles regularly. When you create a subscription record, the most up-to-date articles on the website are sent to your e-mail address and the priority is read. Your e-mail address is never shared with third parties or organizations for any other purpose.

Google Advertising and Content Network Privacy Policy

For ads served, ads from a third-party advertising company, such as Google, are shown. These companies use the information they obtain, for example through the website you visit or through other websites you visit, to show you the advertising of products or services that may interest you. You can visit here to learn more about this ad system or to block such information that these companies use to obtain ad data.

These ads may contain cookies and may be collected by companies to obtain advertising data. This is entirely due to your permission. You can change these cookie settings in the browser settings.

SYSNETTECH Solutions is not responsible for any problems you encounter on the websites of the companies you reach through advertisements.

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