How to Fix Missing Dependencies Python Core / win32api in VirtualBox 7.0

This article will help you fix the “Missing Dependencies Python Core / win32api” error. Lately, users have often faced issues when installing Oracle VM VirtualBox 7.0 to create virtual machines on Windows 11 or 10.

How to Fix Missing Dependencies Python Core / win32api in VirtualBox 7.0

Why is Python Core / win32api necessary for VirtualBox?

Python Core/win32api is, in short, designed for Python programs. It’s like a set of tools that lets Python talk to the Windows system. You can also use this tool with VirtualBox, which is free and open-source software.

Usually, you make a lot of virtual systems using the pictures and buttons (Graphical User Interface) in VBox. But, if you want to do more advanced things, like handling these VMs with commands, you might need this.

Win32api gives extra power to Oracle VM software. Plus, it’s needed if you want to use things from your computer in your pretend machines (VMs).

For instance, if you want to use a USB stick plugged into your PC inside the VM, you’ll need the Python win32api module. Also, we suggest installing it to get all the virtualization powers of VBox.

How to Troubleshoot Missing Dependencies Python Core / win32api Error in VirtualBox 7.x Versions

Oracle asks you to install the needed Python application for the latest VirtualBox 7.x versions. This Python package is like an extra tool for Windows. In short, it makes it easy for you to use Win32 application programming interface (API) features.

This package smoothly fits in with Python, making it simple for you to use the Win32 API features in your Python programs. Also, it helps you develop and use Windows-specific capabilities efficiently.

With the win32api extension, you can reach lots of Windows apps from your Python software. So, it lets you work on your projects just the way you want.

Before you install VirtualBox, make sure to set up the necessary Python extension library on your system. After that, you can initiate the VBox installation.

If you don’t install Python win32api now, there won’t be any issues. You can install it later if you want.

Step 1

Open Chrome and get the Python app from this address on Windows 10/11. After that, follow the on-screen stages to install it.

Downloading Python

Step 2

Run the Python app as an administrator, and in the setup wizard, check the box to add the exe file to the PATH and install the program.

Installing Python

Step 3

Now, open PowerShell/CMD as admin, and type “py -m pip install pywin32” to install pywin32.

py -m pip install pywin32

py -m pip install pywin32

Step 4

If you see a new Pip update, run the command below to update it quickly. Once you’ve updated Pip, close the terminal and restart your system.

python.exe -m pip install --upgrade pip

python.exe -m pip install --upgrade pip

Step 5

Once you’ve installed Pywin32, you won’t see the VirtualBox Python win32api error anymore. You can go straight to the Ready to Install window.

Checking if the Pywin32api Error Resolved


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Python Core/win32api

  1. What is the Virtualbox python win32api error?
The Python win32api error shows up in VirtualBox versions 7.0 and newer. This happens because the Python win32api module is missing from your Windows system. Also, it’s part of the Pywin32 package, made for Windows.
  1. Why is a Python implementation necessary for VirtualBox?
VirtualBox lets us control virtual machines using programs. This includes things like making a VM, taking snapshots, and shutting it down or pausing it. For more advanced VM management, you need a Python app. This allows you to include VBox in your projects using the Application Programming Interface (API).
  1. Will VirtualBox work if I don’t install Python?
Absolutely, VirtualBox will run fine even if you don’t install Python Core/win32api on your system. It’s not necessary to have this package for Oracle software. But if you want to use VBox more powerfully, go ahead and install Python. In short, if you’re only using the graphical interface for virtualization, you don’t need this package. However, if you want to do more automated management beyond the usual graphic stuff, you should install Python.

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  1. zainab 13 March 2023

    I followed the same steps but I am still getting the Virtualbox python win32api error. Could you please help me.

  2. xidiga nolosha 20 March 2023

    did you try to run python and cmd terminal as administrator
    if you didn’t try it again, else please search more solutions from the oracle coorporation or other internet sites,
    thank you

  3. Valeri 16 May 2023

    Thank you very much ! Clear instructions and video ! Very useful for me !

  4. David Burke 27 May 2023

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    • Tolga Bagci 27 May 2023

      You’re welcome, David!

  5. William Costa 6 June 2023

    Thanks! You saved my day!

  6. Todd 7 July 2023

    Python must be installed for all users on the PC if you continue to have problems. This resolved my issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Python for all users, then I ran the py -m pip install pywin32 as administrator. Once that was done I started the Oracle VM install again. Thanks for the help.

  7. Eddie 23 July 2023

    Hi, Tolga. I just wanted to comment to say thank you for the instructions. They worked without issues.

    • Tolga Bagci 24 July 2023

      Glad to hear that you fixed your issue. Thank you for your feedback.

  8. Tinktinkie 3 November 2023

    Thank you Tolga!
    The world needs more people like you ☺
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    Kudos to you

    • Tolga Bagci 3 November 2023

      Thank you very much for this nice comment.

  9. Prashant 15 November 2023

    Thanks Tolga, it helped me to get through the error. It is really nice and crystal clear
    Though when I was trying for upgrade as you mentioned with python cmd, it didn’t work fir me however I was able to do it same thing using py cmd (py -m pip install –upgrade pip)

    Thanks Again.

  10. Anas M. 18 November 2023

    zainab 13 March 2023
    I followed the same steps but I am still getting the Virtualbox python win32api error. Could you please help me.
    Hi zainab,
    To solve this, you have to control how many Python do you have installed in your device.
    go to your system setting and search for (python), you might find more than one version of python installed, just remove the old one and your problem will be solved.

    • Tolga Bagci 19 November 2023

      Thanks for your feedback.

  11. Kartibok 7 December 2023

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