What is Google?

Google Inc is a Google brand company whose main product is the search engine of the same name and was founded on September 4, 1998, under the leadership of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

What is Google?

Google History and Story

In 2013, this company started working on the Loon Project, where Google wanted to bring the Internet to the world, using hot air balloons as technical support.

Like any company in the United States, it is subject to blockade laws against Cuba, which prevents Cuba from accessing many search engine services in many ways.

Google is arguably the largest and most widely used Internet search engine. It offers a fast and easy way to find information on the web and provides access to many directories.

According to the company, Google currently responds to more than 200 million queries per day. The Google name is a combination of the words googol and goggles.

It also has a search engine for photos, newsgroups, and a directory. The technique that allows a page to be in a good position of the search engine is the patented Web positioning by Google.

In addition to the local sites in each country, in addition to the classic search engine, there is also a Google Personalized Homepage where you can look at links, thematic news, and Google’s email inbox Gmail.

Google uses a variety of web spiders whose function is to collect and order information. The spider that has been watching the network for the longest time is Googlebot, who is responsible for collecting links that will later be found on Google.

It also has other robots like FreshBot, which scans frequently updated websites like news portals.

When the search engine’s bot reaches your homepage, it can examine the simplicity of its interface and in addition to a small menu, it can distinguish its logo, different categories, boxes, buttons.

The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button leads to lead us directly to the first result. There is also an advanced search button that allows us to search without knowing Microsoft, Renault, and all popular operators.

In addition to basic search, it has multiple advanced search functions to refine queries.

Main Site Categories

Images: This is the main search engine specialization for images. As of 2005, they can be filtered by small, medium, large, and very large sizes, among other options.

Groups: It is a web interface to the senior hierarchically classified forum system called Usenet. It is also an archive of all shipments to the network that can be searched using the engine.

News: Automatic newsgathering service. The news website was launched in beta in April 2002. The site has news in over 700 languages ​​and non-free sources, as well as different versions in over 20 languages.


Although it is the main search engine service, the company has a number of additional services.


On March 31, 2004, Google launched the Gmail service, which stands out among the most popular email services, providing a capacity of 1 gigabyte.

To access a Gmail account for a long time, an invitation from another Gmail user was required. In early February 2007, Gmail released its records completely, and it is now possible to sign up without an invitation.

   Google Video

The user can upload their own videos. It also stores videos uploaded by Google from different sources in the public domain, or with special permission.

Videos stored on this service are accessible from YouTube, or vice versa because they purchased YouTube in October 2006.


Maps is a web-based service that allows us to visualize the world through satellite imagery, map images, or combine them. Thanks to the search engine, we can search and efficiently view places around the world.

Satellite images share the Earth database; this means they’re the same images we’ll see in that program, and they’re the same resolution.


Service for web page managers and web advertising companies. The links on your service website are characterized by the ad being an HTML framework in which the text appears in a Google search view where the links appear, and webmasters receive a payment for every click on AdSense.

Google, a leading company in online advertising, is characterized by its fraud pursuit of AdSense clicks, especially those who try it through a PPF.


AdWords is a fast and easy-to-use tool that allows you to get accurately targeted cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) ads, regardless of your budget.

AdWords ads run on top locations of search and content sites on the growing network, as well as search results on Google.


The calendar is an agenda that allows different calendars to be differentiated by color. We allow us to share special calendars with other users, and we can give them different levels of permissions.

There is the possibility to combine general calendars made by other users, such as a television programming guide, the agenda of your favorite football club.

The calendar can be configured to send a reminder before proceeding to the user’s email account with a file to import an event into the user’s Microsoft Outlook calendar.


YouTube has been owned by Google for $1.65 billion since its purchase on October 10, 2006. On this website, users can upload and view videos.


Chrome is the browser software of the Google company. Today it is the most used web browser and it works synchronously with your mobile devices.

   Latitude (Terminated)

The Latitude service was launched in February 2009, which allows smartphone owners, Chrome users, or users to run the iGoogle gadget to determine their current location for their friends, as well as track their own friends, or follow them during a trip.

However, the company decided to turn this feature off on August 9, 2013. Later, it launched its location sharing feature, offering it integrated to Maps in 2017.


There is also a DNS service for resolving Internet domains that Google serves publicly. It has 2 services, IPv4 and IPv6;

IPv4 Addresses: |

IPv6 Addresses: 2001:4860:4860::8888 | 2001:4860:4860::8844

   Other Services

There is also a calculator for basic arithmetic operations, Calc and a currency converter, if we write an arithmetic operation in the search box, Calc is activated to give us results.

All active and ongoing Google services are as follows;

Android Auto
Android OS
Chrome Web Store
Connected Home
Daydream View
Cloud Print
Play Books
Play Games
Play Movies & TV
Play Music
Street View
Nest Wifi
Pixelbook Go
Play Protect
Tilt Brush
Wear OS
YouTube Kids
YouTube Music
YouTube TV


It is at the center of various debates about its services and financial applications. For example, there were copyright disputes with some authors in Google’s book search.

Continuous collection of cookies and other personal information practices have doubted that Google respects the privacy of users.

Blocking Incident

According to the jury, the internet search engine owner received the 2008 Asturias Prince Award in the Communication and Humanities category for “its decisive contribution to the advancement of peoples beyond ideological, economic, linguistic or racial borders”.

The university students Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who are billionaire owners of Google today, have created this computing tool for more than a decade, allowing for a huge cultural revolution and promoting generalization as the basis of the Prince of Asturias Award.

But not everything is as democratic as Google intends to show in its operation; After all, like any American company, it’s governed by the laws of that country, some are just as silly and unreasonable as supporting criminal blockades against Cuba, among other things, it prevents the island from accessing many search engine services legally.

Accessory services offered by this search engine such as Earth, Desktop Search, Google Code, or Toolbar are also not available for Cubans. Since the block cannot see world satellite maps, it has advanced tools to find information stored on the computer, design third-dimensional structures, advertise online or via Code Search, and search for free code via Open Source or the Internet.

The blockade is not only limited to the web services provided because Chrome’s official download does not allow access to the web page from which one of the 3 web browsers leading this increasingly important market due to the computer can be taken.

The above is just one example of some programs that veto Cuba. It is very interesting that some, such as Earth or Desktop, were not banned in the first application since for a few months since their application, citizens have been able to download them something that is not possible today.

Ironically, for example, it turns out that other possibilities, such as Code Search, which allegedly promote the benefits of free software, contradict a movement that involves the free exchange of information and that Google’s creators have always advocated.

When trying to access the above-mentioned utilities from any server in Cuba, an English message saying “Sorry, but this service is not available for your country” appeared.

It has also censored blogs from Cuban journalists and other parts of the world, revealing a critical view of current events.

On June 19, 2012, the Analytics service was blocked for users in Cuba in accordance with the sanctions set by the US blockade.

In June 2014, a business delegation led by leader Eric Schmidt visited Cuba, where he met with senior officials, island officials, and social actors from Google. When he returned to the United States, Schmidt stated that he refused the blockade and said: “The US will have to overcome history and lift the embargo. Both countries will have to do something difficult to do politically, but it will be worth it.”

Censorship Incident

On January 12, 2011, the Cuban website Cubadebate received a notification that its page in this social network was closed due to a copyright violation complaint from Google’s Youtube technical center.

In particular, they were referring to a part of Cubadebate’s recently released terrorist Luis Posada Carriles’ Legal Fund’s presentation video in Miami, edited far more extensive material circulating online and reproduced on various sites.

The explosion of a Cuban civilian plane, which cost 73 people among the latter, carefully disabled the Cubadebate site on Youtube, in response to the request of the filmmaker, who announced the action that former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles announced will be in Cuba this year. At that time, more than 400 videos and 1.6 million downloads have been made since the channel opened almost three years ago.

The site specializing in financial issues, E-Money Daily, warned the company’s investors about the potential impact Cubadebate’s video download social network could have on censorship’s share price of this company.

The site reviewed comments made by Cuban editor Editor Miriam Miriam Elizalde, who assured accredited press agencies in Havana.

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