What is Blogspot/Blogger?

Blogger (Blogspot), acquired by Google in 2003, is a service created by Pyra Labs in 1999 to create and publish blogs.

What is Blogspot/Blogger?

Blogspot and Blogger Service

Through the Blogger service, users can create and manage their own blogs without permission to do any programming tasks such as writing code and installing programs. However, blogs created are hosted only on Google servers.

Google Blogger uses a server called Blogspot for web hosting of blogs. It uses subdomains for free websites that users specify and create. This subdomain is included in the user’s Google account by having the extension websitename.blogspot.com.

After users create a free blog with the Blogger service, if they specify a unique domain name instead of the Blogspot subdomain, they must purchase a hosting service through Google.

Users can easily create a new post on their blog in a form structure on the Blogger website as it will be difficult to manually type the HTML code while creating their new articles. New posts to be created can be edited in any web browser and published instantly.

It is also an alternative to the WordPress content management system, as it is a publishing platform with all the necessary tools to publish articles on a website.


Blogger is one of the first blogging tools released in August 1999. It is also acknowledged that it helps to popularize the use of online forms used today.

In 2003, Google acquired Pyra Labs, the company that created the Blogger service and is a pioneer in the development of blog technology today.

In 2004, Google purchased Picasa and the Hello photo-sharing tool, integrating this service with the Blogger service, allowing users to post photos on their blogs.

On May 9, 2004, Blogger was further developed and re-launched, adding CSS-based website themes, individual post archiving, commenting, and email submission. Later, Google developed a tool called BlogThis that works as an extension in the Chrome web browser and can add content from the Internet to the blog with just one click.

The BlogThis tool allowed users to create faster and more interactive posts by opening a new tab in browsers without visiting or logging in to the Blogger homepage.

In late 2006, Blogspot Beta was launched. Thus, it allowed article publishing by categories and tags as well as creating restricted access blogs. However, since it does not allow changes to the HTML code at the beginning, the appearance of the blog content was changed using the mouse.

After a while, user accounts were moved to the system, and the new update required registration of a Google account to create new blogs. Besides, the compatibility of blog designs created in old versions with the new version has been improved.

Until May 1, 2010, users using the Blogspot structure could publish blogs on their own web hosting servers via FTP. However, users had to point their domain names to Google servers with DNS.

On February 24, 2015, Google announced that it would not allow adult content posts to be created on Blogspot blogs. However, because this situation caused some authors’ reaction, the previous policy was reversed, considering that the content created should be marked as adult.


Blogspot’s main purpose is to provide free domain service for blogging. To access Blogspot, a redirect to the blogger.com website is provided, since this system can only be accessed by this website.

Users cannot use Blogspot on any other publishing platform. Google has developed these two services to work in harmony with each other and manages them as one of their marketing strategies.

What is the Difference Between Blogspot and Blogger?

In short, Blogger is a free publishing platform while Blogspot is a free domain service provider.

Rather than being easy to use of the Blogger platform, it allows editing of HTML and CSS code and also has a large number of free themes to create dynamic web pages.

It provides additional income online since relevant ads are shown to users on blogs created with the Adsense application integrated into the user’s account. The choice of the look of the advertisements and the places to show them in the blog can be easily edited by the user.

Blogger also supports mobile platforms, so new posts can be posted and published from smartphones or tablets. This article makes it easy to publish because the mobile apps offer all the editing and authoring tools so the user can share posts from anywhere.

One of the main features of the Blogspot system is that it is completely free and ideal for those who want to create a blog for the first time. Thus, users can easily share their posts without purchasing a domain name, but those who will use their domain name will have to pay Google for this service.

An important detail to note here is to log in to Blogspot via Blogger. So, after the user logs into Blogger, they will have the right to create a blog. It will also integrate with other free services such as Gmail and AdSense, as it is owned by Google.

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