How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM? – We can easily update the GNS3 VM Server imported in VMware. There is no need to download the new version and do a new installation. We can update the Cisco IOS images uploaded on the GNS3 Server and the saved GNS3 projects without losing them.
How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

Before starting the GNS3 VM update or GNS3 VM upgrade steps, you need to check whether the GNS3 VM Server is connected to the Internet. If the GNS3 VM virtual machine is accessible to the Internet, you can proceed to update steps.

GNS3 VM is constantly being developed and updated by GNS3. You can easily perform the GNS3 VM update process to have new updates.

We recommend that you first take a snapshot of the old version of GNS3 VM Server against any error before upgrading GNS3 VM. If you do not know how to get Snapshot on VMware, you can check out how to take Snapshot in VMware Workstation. Or you can watch Snapshot import as video…

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How to Update GNS3 VM?

We can move on to how to update GNS3 VM. Follow the steps below in order.

   Step 1

Run the GNS3 VM Server you have imported on VMware Workstation. It is GNS3 VM Version 2.0.2 as follows. We will update this version to the latest version 2.0.3.

Press the Enter key on the OK option.

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

   Step 2

The GNS3 VM settings window will open. Select the Upgrade option from the options there.

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

   Step 3

As mentioned above, it is recommended that you take Snapshot before the GNS3 VM update process. We skip this option by selecting Yes.

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

   Step 4

The process to upgrade GNS3 VM Server started.

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

   Step 5

GNS3 VM is being updated…

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

   Step 6

GNS3 VM Server update is continuing.

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

   Step 7

GNS3 VM has been successfully updated! The GNS3 VM boot screen looks like in the image below.

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

   Step 8

GNS3 has been updated to version 2.0.3 from VM Server 2.0.2.

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM?

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM? ⇒ Video

You can watch how to upgrade GNS3 VM and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel…

  Final Word

How to Upgrade GNS3 VM? – In this article, we have implemented the steps to upgrade GNS3 VM Server. After the GNS3 VM update process, our previous settings and configurations have been preserved.

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