How to Upload ISO Files to Datastore in VMware ESXi

In this article, we will examine the steps for adding a file or ISO image file into Datastore on VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi.

How to Upload ISO Files to Datastore in VMware ESXi 6.7U2

How to Upload ISO Files to VMware vSphere ESXi 7.0

After you create a new virtual machine with VMware ESXi, you need the ISO file to install the virtual machine operating system. You can upload and use ISO files to Datastore on VMware ESXi.

Adding or uploading ISO to Datastore on VMware ESXi may seem a little complicated for beginners. However, copying ISO into VMware ESXi server is quite simple.

In the previous article, we created a machine with VMware ESXi. In this article, we will upload the ISO file required for the Windows 7 VM we created on vSphere.

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After you have installed ESXi and created a new virtual machine, you should add the ISO to vSphere Datastore.

How to Copy ISO Files into Datastore on vSphere Server

Follow the steps below in order to copy the ISO into server.

   Step 1

Connect to your server and click on the Storage option on the main screen.

ESXi Storage

   Step 2

Click the Datastore Browser that you see on the right.

Datastore Browser

   Step 3

Once you have opened the Datastore Browser, click on the Upload button as you see in the image below.

Upload a File to ESXi

   Step 4

To add ISO files to VMware vSphere, select the operating system ISO in the Choose File to Upload window and click the Open button.

Select Image File

   Step 5

Wait while the Windows 7 is being uploaded…

Uploading File

   Step 6

After uploading the Windows 7 ISO, close the Datastore Browser window by clicking on the Close button.

Datastore Browser

   Step 7

Click Edit to open the machine settings you previously created on vSphere.

Editing Windows 7 Virtual Machine

   Step 8

To add the image file to the Windows 7 VM on vSphere, select Datastore ISO File from CD/DVD Drive 1.

Datastore ISO File

   Step 9

In the Datastore Browser window, select the image file you have added and click the Select button.

Selecting Windows 7 Image File

   Step 10

After adding the Windows 7 image file to the ESXi machine, click on the Save button.

CD/DVD Media

   Step 11

Now you can run the Windows 7 machine and perform the installation.

Starting Virtual Machine

   Step 12

As you can see in the image below, after you add the setup image file, Windows 7 VM installation will start!

Windows Setup Wizard


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   Final Word

In this article, we have reviewed step by step how to copy the image files to install operating systems on virtual machines installed on vSphere. Thanks for following us!

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