Download macOS Sierra 10.12 ISO

In this article, we shared the macOS Sierra 10.12 ISO file you can use on virtual machines with virtualization software such as VMware and VirtualBox.

Download macOS Sierra 10.12 ISO

Download macOS 10.12 ISO File for VirtualBox / VMware Virtual Machine

Apple put a new operating system called macOS Sierra 10.12 in its lineup. You can get this latest version and try it on your computer using a virtual appliance.

After you’ve saved this ISO image file on your computer, you can make a virtual machine with programs like VMware or VirtualBox. Then, go ahead and install it.

We got the installation file from the Apple website via the App Store. After that, we changed it to the ISO format using the terminal and uploaded it for you. Specifically, you can use the Sierra image file to fix your system or explore its new features on a virtual machine.

To set things up and try stuff in the pretend world of virtualization, you can use VMware. This company is known for its virtualization tools, like Workstation and Player. Workstation Pro costs money, but the Player version is free for users.

We suggest using Oracle’s VirtualBox if you want to try something else. It won’t cost you anything at all.

To sum it up, we suggest you look at our guide for setting up the Workstation software here, and if you’re going with VirtualBox, check out the guide here.

New Features Coming with macOS Sierra

Apple shared macOS Sierra 10.12 with many Mac users on September 20, 2016. They brought in some cool new things in this system that got a lot of people excited:

  1. Siri Integration

Apple brought in a new thing called Siri with Sierra. It’s a voice assistant so that you can talk to your computer. Therefore, this is super handy, especially when searching the Internet.

  1. Storage Enhancements

Apple further improved iCloud for storage savings and secure backup. For instance, instead of keeping your files on the disk, you can automatically back them up to iCloud for safekeeping.

  1. Sign In with Apple Watch

Now, you can speed up the login process using your Apple Watch. Moreover, you can permit an app to use your watch through System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Plus, you can unlock your Mac with just one touch.

  1. Auto Unlock

Likewise, you can make it so your Apple Watch unlocks your Mac without typing in a password. To make this work, your watch and Mac must use the same Apple ID.

System Innovations

  1. Metal Graphics API Support

Apple wants to make things faster at the primary level with its Metal graphics API in different products. So, it helps make graphics work better and fits the hardware and software together, like Vulkan or DirectX.

  1. Picture-in-Picture Mode

One of the great features introduced with macOS Sierra is the Picture-in-Picture feature. This lets you watch a video in a little window while working on your Mac.

  1. Apple File System (APFS)

To make managing your computer’s storage better and faster, Apple made its file system called APFS. As a result, if you choose APFS when installing the system, things will run smoother. Additionally, APFS makes things faster and keeps your system more secure.

Download macOS Sierra 10.12 Image File

After checking out some cool features and innovations, click the button below to get the Sierra ISO file to your Mac or Windows PC.

To acquire newer versions, you can visit our guide from the list below that suits your needs.

Also, please read our guide on how to update macOS to give your Mac computer an upgrade through the Apple Store.

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