How to Test Hard Disk for Errors on Windows 10

One of the most important reasons for hard drive robustness or malfunction testing is to find out how long it lasts.

How to Test Hard Disk

How to Test Hard Disk on Windows PC

Operating systems running on a computer need a Disk. Operating system files, user files, videos, and various tools are stored on Disk. If you experience sudden freezes on your computer or encounter errors while copying files, you should perform a control test.

Failure of a mechanical disk can occur for various reasons, but the most common is Bad Sector error. So, if you have a Bad Sector error on your HDD, I recommend you backup your PC and replace your device as soon as possible.

So, how can you tell if a Hard Disk is healthy? How do you understand if there is a Bad Sector on the Hard Disk, or how do you test a Disk?

We can test the health status, Bad Sector error, and durability of a Hard Disk with the program.

For example, if you want to sell your HDD, you can prove that it is solid by performing the Bad Sector test. Or, if you want to buy a second-hand device, you can ask the seller to do this check.

How to Test the Error and Bad Sector of an HDD using HD Tune Pro

We will use the HDD Tune program for disk testing. This software is a very successful program, and therefore, we can examine the status of our disk, Bad Sector status, writing, and reading speeds.

Before proceeding with the HDD durability test, download it to your computer from this link and extract the zip file to the folder.

Then, follow the steps below to test your disk.

Step 1

To install the HDD Tune software on your Windows 10 host PC, run the setup file as an administrator.

Run as administrator

Step 2

In the HDD Tune Wizard window, continue with Next.

HD Tune Pro Setup Wizard

Step 3

Also, accept the license agreement of the disk software and click Next.

HD Tune License Agreement

Step 4

Leave the installation location of the program as default and continue with Next.

Select Destination Location

Step 5

Continue by clicking Next in the Select Start Menu Folder window.

Select Start Menu Folder

Step 6

To create a shortcut on the desktop, continue by selecting the Create a desktop icon option.

Create a Desktop Icon

Step 7

To launch the disk software as soon as you install it, select Launch HD Tune Pro and click Finish.

Ready to Install

Step 8

To launch the disk software as soon as you install it, select Launch HD Tune Pro and click Finish.

Launch HD Tune Pro

Step 9

If you purchased this disk software, enter the license information and click the OK button.

Please enter your registration information

Step 10

The first opening screen of the HDD Tune Pro program is as follows. In the Benchmark tab, you can test the write & read speeds of your disk.

Click the Error Scan tab for disk health test or bad sector test.

Disk Error Scan

Step 11

You need to select the disk to scan for damaged sectors. If you want to test an HDD in the external HDD box, the disk name may not be displayed. You can select your device by examining the Hard Disk size to be scanned.

Select the Hard Disk to Be Scanned

Step 12

After selecting the disk for Bad Sector analysis, click the Start button.

Start the Progress

Step 13

HDD Bad Sector scanning has started! The time it takes to complete this process varies depending on your HDD size.

Scanning the Disk

Step 14

We have completed the disk test. If you encounter results like the image below, your device is solid and healthy!

If the program finds a faulty volume on your HDD, then it will display the error in red.

Finished Disk Scan

Step 15

You can also access and review your HDD’s information by clicking the Info tab.

Disk Info

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Hard Disk Errors

  1. How can I check if my hard disk is corrupt?
As I said, there are some clues if you think your hard drive is bad. The first of these, of course, is that your PC runs slower than it actually does. Additionally, sometimes, you may see various errors due to missing system files. Another factor is that you may notice your computer freezing or crashing more often.
Due to such situations, you should check your disk. To do this through Windows, open My Computer, then right-click on your drive and open Properties. You will see a tool called error checking. You can either check these tools or use HDD Tune Pro.
  1. How do I check if a hard disk is working?
If your primary drive isn’t working at all, it’s probably got a burnt motherboard. Because if there is no power, your disk will not work. This is sometimes a good thing because if you replace the card, you solve the problem. However, if you say it works but freezes a lot, you can use chkdsk.
Chkdsk is software provided by Microsoft. With this, you can fix fundamental structural problems on your disk. For example, you repair your drive for errors with the chkdsk C:/r command.
  1. How do I recover a corrupted disk?
If your hard disk is corrupted, perform basic troubleshooting steps. If you still cannot access any data, then you should use data recovery software. If I were to give an example of these, You can use Recuva, EaseUS, or Stellar software.


In this article, we checked the health of the hard disk using the HDD Tune Pro program. As a result, we examined that our HDD is usable.

If you have an HDD with a Bad Sector, we recommend that you replace it with a new one as soon as possible. Thanks for following us!

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