How to Test Hard Disk for Errors on Windows 10

One of the most important reasons for hard drive robustness or malfunction testing is to find out how long it lasts.

How to Test Hard Disk for Errors on Windows 10

How to Test Hard Disk on Windows PC

Windows/Linux operating systems running on a computer need a hard disk. The system files and user files, videos and various tools store on the Hard Disk. If your computer freezes suddenly, or if you encounter errors during file copying, the disk needs to be tested for robustness.

The failure of a Harddisk can be caused by various reasons, but it is the most common Harddisk Bad Sector failure. So, if your HDD has Bad Sector error, it is useful to backup your computer and change your HDD as soon as possible.

So, how to check for errors on the HDD? How to understand Bad Sector? or How to do a health test?

A hard disk health status, Bad Sector error, and robustness check can understand with a program. For example, if you want to sell your own HDD, you can prove and evaluate that your HDD is healthty by doing Bad Sector test. Or if you want to buy a second-hand HDD, you can ask the seller to make HDD Bad Sector control.

You can use HDD Tune Pro program for Hard Disk robustness test and Bad Sector test …

How to Test the Error and Bad Sector of an HDD using HD Tune Pro

We will use the HDD Tune program for hard drive strength testing. HDD Tune program is a very successful program and you can use this program to check HDD health status, Bad Sector status, HDD write and read speeds.

Before proceeding to the HDD stability test, download the HDD Tune program from the button the bottom of the article and remove the zipped file. Then follow the steps below in order to test HDD robustness and Bad Sector…

   Step 1

Right-click / Run as administrator on HDDTunePro5.70.exe to install the HDD Tune program to your computer.

Run as administrator

   Step 2

In the HDD Tune pro Setup Wizard window, click on the Next button.

HD Tune Pro Setup Wizard

   Step 3

Accept the HDD Tune Pro license agreement and click on the Next button.

HD Tune License Agreement

   Step 4

Leave the installation location of the HDD Tune program as default and click on the Next button.

Select Destination Location

   Step 5

Continue by clicking the Next button in the HDD Tune Pro Select Start Menu Folder window.

Select Start Menu Folder

   Step 6

To create a shortcut on the desktop, select Create a desktop icon.

Create a Desktop Icon

   Step 7

HDD Tune pro on Windows 10 is now ready for installation! Click the Install button to start HDD Tune installation.

Ready to Install

   Step 8

HDD Tune installation is complete. Click the Finish button to start the program.

Launch HD Tune Pro

   Step 9

If you have purchased the HDD Tune program, enter the license information and click the OK button.

Please enter your registration information

   Step 10

The first screen of HDD Tune Pro 5.70 program is as follows. On the HDD Tune Pro Benchmark tab, you can test your hard drive’s write and read speeds.

Click the Error Scan tab to test Hard Disk and scan Bad Sector.

Disk Error Scan

   Step 11

You need to select the Harddisk to be scanned for Bad Sector. If you want to test an HDD in the external HDD box, the HDD name may not be displayed. You can select the HDD by examining the Harddisk size to be scanned.

Select the Hard Disk to Be Scanned

   Step 12

Once you have selected the Hard Disk to be scanned for Bad Sector, click the Start button.

Start the Progress

   Step 13

HDD Bad Sector scan started! The completion time of this process depends on your HDD size.

Scanning the Disk

   Step 14

We have successfully completed HDD test for errors using HDD Tune Pro program. If you see the result as shown below, your HDD is healthy and errorless!

If Bad Sector is defined on your HDD, the error will be indicated by red color.

Finished Disk Scan

   Step 15

You can also access the information of your HDD by clicking on the Info tab.

Disk Info

   Final Word

In this article, we have used the HDD Tune Pro program to check the hard drive health. As a result, we have reviewed our HDD availability. If you have an HDD with Bad Sector, we recommend that you change it as soon as possible. Thanks for following us!

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   Download HDD Tune Pro to Check an HDD

Click the button below to download the HDD Tune Pro program…

Download Program

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