What is RAMDisk? How to Use Dataram RAMDisk Software to Create RAMDisk on Windows 10

In our previous article, we created RAMDisk on Windows 10 using ImDisk Virtual Disk Toolkit. In this article, we will examine how to use Dataram program.

How to Use Dataram RAMDisk Software

What is RAMDisk?

A RAM virtual drive is a technology that allows you to allocate specific hard disk space to your computer’s RAM hardware. This technology provides faster read and writes speeds than Harddisk and SSD devices.

There are two ways to create RAMDisk on your computer. These;

1. Software RAM Drive
2. Hardware RAM Drive

In Software RAM disk usage, a special HDD block allocates to existing RAM devices on the computer. However, when the computer restarts, all information in it is deleted.

Hardware RAM Disk usage is the hardware solution created by multiple RAM slots on an external electronic card. Because this card designed especially, the data is not deleted when the computer restarts.

The electronic card used for the hardware RAM disk technology is as follows;

Gigabyte RAM Disk

What Does RAMDisk Do?

The installation files for programs you use on your computers, such as Google Chrome, Adobe PhotoShop, or Camtasia, locates on the hard disk where your operating system installed. Therefore, when you run one of these programs and perform an operation, the caches used are saved on the HDD.

If you are designing a project with PhotoShop, you can configure its Cache location on this drive so that Cache files can read faster. Or, you can configure Chrome Cache location on this area to surf the Internet faster.

Because SSD Disks are high-performance, you may not create and use a RAM disk space. However, it would make sense to use this technology in a job where there is a need for high data writing and reading.

To configure the cache location of the Google Chrome web browser on the RAM drive, you can perform the following command at the CMD prompt. Before executing this command, change the Cache folder name of Chrome to Cache.bak.

mklink /d "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache" "G:\ChromeCache"


How to Create RAMDisk Step by Step

To create RAMDisk on Win7, 8, 8.1, and 10, first, download the related program from the button below. After downloading Dataram, follow the steps below.

Download Software

   Step 1

Run the setup file as administrator to install Dataram software. Then, select I accept the terms in the License Agreement to accept the license agreement.

Please Read the License Agreement

   Step 2

After accepting the license agreement, click Install.

I Accept the terms in the license agreement

   Step 3

After completing the Dataram installation, click the Finish button.

Completed Setup Wizard

   Step 4

Dataram software opens…

Dataram Software

   Step 5

In the Settings window, select FAT32 Partition. To change the drive name you want to create, type a name in the Set Label Disk section.

Configuring RAM Disk

   Step 6

After configuring the RAM drive size you will create in Disk Size, click the Load/Save tab.


   Step 7

In the Load/Save settings, select Save Disk Image at Shutdown, and then click the Options tab.

Save Disk Image at Shutdown

   Step 8

In the Options section, select 2 options as like the image below and then click the Start RAMDisk button.

Start RAMDisk

   Step 9

As you can see in the image below, the RAM virtual drive created successfully!

RAM Drive

   Step 10

The RAMDisk.img file has created on the C:\ drive to prevent data from being deleted from this drive when you restart your computer.


Hard Disk, SSD, SDHC, and RAM Disk Data Write and Read Speeds Comparison

Now, compare the data write and read speeds between Harddisk, SSD, SDHC, and RAM Disk.

When you examine the test results below, you can see that RAM Disk is much faster than the others.

   Hard Disk Data Write and Read Speed

Crystal Disk Mark

   SSD Data Write and Read Speed

SSD Disk Speeds

   SDHC Data Write and Read Speed

SDHC Disk Speeds

   RAM Disk Data Write and Read Speed

RAM Drive Disk Speeds

How to Install Dataram RAM Disk ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to create a virtual drive on your computer’s RAM hardware and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.

   Final Word

In this article, we have created 1 GB RAMDisk on Win10 using Dataram. If you want to create more drive space, you need to purchase this program. Thanks for following us!

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