How to Install Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 15/14/12

In this article, we will install Microsoft’s popular operating system Windows 10 with VMware Pro on a desktop/laptop computer.

How to Install Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 15.1.0 in PC/Laptop

How to Install Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 15 (15.1.0) Pro in PC/Laptop

Windows 10 October 2018 update was released by Microsoft recently. VMware Workstation 15 Pro software was released on September 24, 2018. And it now supports Windows 1803 and 1809 versions.

In this article, we will build Win10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC 64 Bit version on PC / Laptop.

First, download VMware 15 Pro for Windows system to your computer. And then, install VMware software on Microsoft operating system.

How to Run Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 LTSC UEFI on VM Workstation 15.1.0

After you setup it, you must create a new virtual machine for Windows 10 Enterprise 1809. To create a VM on VMware, follow the steps below in order.

   Step 1

Open VM Workstation 15 Pro and click Create a New Virtual Machine to create a Win VM.

Create a New Virtual Machine

   Step 2

In the New Virtual Machine Wizard window, select Typical (Recommended) and click Next.

Typical (Recommended)

   Step 3

After downloading the Windows 10 ISO file to your computer, click the Browse button in the Installer disk image (iso) to add the ISO file to the virtual machine and click Next.

Adding ISO File to Windows 10 Virtual Machine

   Step 4

In the operating system selection window, select Microsoft Windows and then Win 10 x64 and click Next.

Microsoft Windows / Windows 10 x64

   Step 5

When installing a Windows, Linux, or macOS operating system with VMware, it is very useful to configure the VM installation location on another hard disk. In fact, you can achieve more performance by setting up a VM on an SSD disk.

After configuring the Windows virtual machine installation location, click Next.

Selecting Virtual Machine Location

   Step 6

For Windows 10 VM, configure the disk capacity to 60 GB and click Next.

Split virtual disk into multiple files

   Step 7

Click the Customize Hardware button in Ready to Create Virtual Machine.

Customize Hardware

   Step 8

Configure the Windows 10 VM processor configuration as 2 processors / 2 cores. Also, enable Virtualization Engine options as follows.

Enable Virtualization Engine

   Step 9

Assign 4 GB RAM to the Windows virtual machine.

Adding RAM to VM

   Step 10

In the virtual machine Display setting, enable 3D Graphics / Accelerate 3D Graphics. Configure the Graphics Memory setting to a minimum of 1 GB.

Accelerate 3D Graphics

   Step 11

Click the Finish button to close the Hardware window.

Finish VM Creation Window

   Step 12

Open the Win Enterprise 1809 LTSC virtual machine settings and enable UEFI / Enable Secure Boot from the Advanced section.

Enable Secure Boot Option

   Step 13

Run the Win 1809 virtual machine.

Running VM

   Step 14

The process to setup Win UEFI on VM Workstation 15 will start as shown in the image below.

Microsoft Windows 10 Setup Wizard

How to Install Windows 10 UEFI

After the installation of Windows on VMware Workstation 15 has started, please click on the image below to setup it!

Installing Windows 10 UEFI

How to Setup Win UEFI on VMware Software ⇒ Video

To setup it with VMware 15 Pro, you can watch the video below and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us…

Installing Windows 10 LTSC

How to Run Windows 10 on a Virtual Machine with VM Workstation 14

In this title, we will setup Windows 10 on a new virtual machine using VM Workstation 14 Pro on a PC.

How to Setup Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 14

If you are going to create a network or test environment using VM Workstation, you can install and test Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems or Linux distributions on your computer.

You can install and run various operating systems on your physical computer using virtualization programs. You can use one or more of the VMware, Hyper-V, or Oracle VM VirtualBox programs to run a virtual computer on your computer.

If you want to install Win10 using VirtualBox program, you can browse this article. Also, if the VMware Workstation 14/15 virtualization program not installed on your computer, check out these articles;

The VMware Workstation virtualization program is not a free program. In contrast, the VirtualBox virtualization program is completely free. However, we recommend that you purchase and use it.

In this article, after creating the virtual machine with the latest version of VMware Workstation, we will create a virtual computer.

In previous articles, we installed older versions of Windows on a Windows 10 PC using Workstation/Player.

The Windows 10 ISO file used in the following video was downloaded with the Microsoft Media Creation Tool.

How to Use Windows 10 UEFI on Virtual Computer ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to install Windows 10 UEFI and solve virtual machine blurred text error and subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

Win10 Setup Video

How to Install Windows 10 in PC using VM Workstation 12

In this title, we will install Windows 10 on a new virtual machine using VM Workstation 12 Pro on a PC.

How to Run Windows 10 on VM Workstation 12

In the previous article, we created a new virtual machine using the VMware virtualization program. Now we’ll examine how to install Windows 10 step by step on virtualization software.

Before installing the Windows operating system on the VMware VM, click on the button below to download the Win10 x64 ISO EN file.

Win10 Enterprise EN 64 Bit ISO Download

After you download the ISO file to your computer, extract the compressed file to the folder, and then follow the steps below to install Microsoft Win10 step by step.

How to Run Windows 10 on a Virtual Machine

First, you need to create a new machine to install Windows 10 using virtual machine. After you create a Windows virtual machine, you can start the installation by adding the downloaded ISO file to the VM.

To install a new virtual pc on VMware Workstation 12/14 or 15 step by step.

Creating a New VM with VMware

After you create a new virtual machine, follow the steps below to set up Windows 10 step by step.

   Step 1

Open VMware Workstation and click CD/DVD (SATA) to add the Windows ISO file you downloaded to your computer to the VM.

Adding an ISO File to a Virtual Machine

   Step 2

In the VM Settings window, select Use ISO image file.

Use ISO Image File

   Step 3

Click the Browse button to show the location of the Windows ISO file.


   Step 4

Select the Microsoft_Windows_10_Enterprise_X64_EN.iso file and click the Open button.

Selecting the Windows 10 ISO File

   Step 5

Close the Virtual Machine Settings window by clicking OK.

Closing Virtual Machine Settings

   Step 6

To run the Windows VM, click the Power on this virtual machine button.

Running the Virtual Machine

   Step 7

Wait while the Windows virtual machine is opening.

VMware Logo

   Step 8

Windows installation starts on VMware …

Preparing to Install Microsoft Windows 10

   Step 9

Set the system language, keyboard layout and time you want to use for the Windows operating system and click Next.

Windows Setup Wizard

   Step 10

Click Install Now to start the installation process.

Install Now

   Step 11

Windows installation is starting …

Installation Begins

   Step 12

Accept the Windows license agreement and click Next.

Accepting the License Agreement

   Step 13

Click on the Custom option to make a clean Microsoft Win 10 installation.


   Step 14

Click New to configure the VMware virtual disk.

Disk Configuration

   Step 15

To use the entire disk, leave the Size field at the default value and click Apply.

Configuring Disk Size

   Step 16

Click OK in the info window to create additional partitions on the Windows disk.


   Step 17

Select Drive 0 Section 2 and click Next to continue the installation.

Drive 0 Partition 2

   Step 18

Wait while preparing files for installation. This may take some time depending on the performance of your computer and your virtual machine hardware settings.

Loading Windows

   Step 19

Installing Windows on VMware Workstation …

Completing the Installation

   Step 20

After the installation copy the required files, the virtual machine will automatically restart.

Starting Windows 10

   Step 21

Click the Use Quick Settings button.

Use Quick Settings

   Step 22

Wait while making the necessary settings.

Configuring Required Settings

   Step 23

Type a user account name for your Windows virtual machine and click Next.

Creating a New User Account

   Step 24

Wait while the setup is making the required settings.

Opening Operating System

   Step 25

Wait while the Windows desktop is getting ready.

Preparing Desktop

   Step 26

Please wait on the “we are making the settings for you” screen.

We make settings for you

   Step 27

Wait while preparing Windows applications.

Loading Applications

   Step 28

We have completed Windows installation steps successfully using VMware!

Windows 10 Desktop

   Step 29

The Windows start menu view is as follows.

Start Menu

   Step 30

To check the version of the Windows operating system, right-click on My Computer, and then click Properties. You can check the Windows version in the System window.

System features

How to Setup Windows 10 ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to install Microsoft Windows system on your computer using VMware Workstation 12.

Win10 Setup Video with VMware 12

   Final Word

In this article, we have installed the most recent version 1809 of Windows on PC/Laptop using VMware. Thanks for following us!

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   Download Windows 10 ISO for VM Workstation

You can download the ISO file of Microsoft Windows 10 operating system used in this article by clicking on the button below.

ISO Download

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