How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows 95/98 in VirtualBox Virtual Machine

In this article, we will examine the steps to change the screen resolution on a Win 95/98/2000 virtual machine installed with Oracle VM VirtualBox.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows 95/98 in VirtualBox Virtual Machine

How to Fix Windows 95/98 Screen Resolution

With the Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization program, you may encounter some unsupported features when you install old Windows operating systems on your computer.

One of these features is the screen resolution problem. If you try to install Guest Additions after you have installed Windows 95 and Windows 98 with VBox, you will get an error.

As a result, you will have problems changing the resolution of the virtual machine because there is no support for VirtualBox Guest Additions for Windows 95 and 98.

However, with some 3rd party applications, you can change the screen resolution of Win 95/98.

In our previous articles, we implemented the old operating systems setup with Oracle VirtualBox.

In this article, we will examine how to solve the screen resolution on Win 95 and Win 98 in VirtualBox software.

How to Configure Display Properties on the old Windows Operating Systems

After performing the Win 95 installation on VirtualBox, we will use 3rd party software for the virtual machine  resolution problem solution. You can download this software from the link at the bottom of the article.

Now, let’s examine how to change Win 95 display resolution.

    Step 1

After you run the Windows 95 VM, open the Display Properties setting window. As you can see in the image below, there are only 2 options in the Color Palette section.

In these options require being the 32 bit color option. And in the Desktop Area, it can not be configured the screen resolution now.

We will use the Scitech Display Doctor 7 to change the Win 95 display resolution on VBox.

Download SciTech Display Doctor 7 ISO file to your computer by clicking on the button below.

Download ISO File

Windows 95 Display Properties

    Step 2

Click on the CD/DVD symbol under Win 95 VM and click Choose Disk Image from the options opened.

Choose disk image...

    Step 3

Select the Scitech Display Doctor 7 ISO file you downloaded from your computer and click on the Open button.

SciTech Display Doctor ISO File

    Step 4

Open My Computer and double-click to open the Sdd7 image.

Windows 95 My Computer

    Step 5

Double click on the scitech-display.exe file in the Sdd7 image.

SciTech Display Doctor Exe File

    Step 6

SciTech Display Doctor is preparing for installation…

SciTech Display Doctor Installation

    Step 7

In the SciTech Display Doctor installation window, click on the Next button.

Installing SciTech

    Step 8

Click on the Next button again.

SciTech Wizard

    Step 9

Accept the license agreement of SciTech Display Doctor and click on the Next button.

SciTech License Agreement

    Step 10

Select Express Installation and click Next.

Select Installation Type

    Step 11

Click the Start Install button to start the installation.

Start Installation

    Step 12

Wait while SciTech Display Doctor 7 program installs.

Installing Software

    Step 13

After the installation is complete, restart the virtual pc.

Restart Computer Now

    Step 14

Restarting Windows 95…

Please wait while your computer shuts down

    Step 15

Open Display Properties of Win 95 and click the Advanced Properties button as shown in the following image.

Display Properties

    Step 16

In the Advanced Display Properties window, click the Change button.

Advanced Display Properties

    Step 17

Building Driver information database…

Building Driver Info Database

    Step 18

In the Select Device window, select SciTech Software on the left panel and select SciTech Display Doctor 7.0 in the model section and click on the OK button.

Select Device

    Step 19

Click the OK button to close the Insert Disk warning.

Insert Disk

    Step 20

Click the Browse button to select the location that the files will copy.

Copying Files

    Step 21

Follow the path C:\Program Files\SciTech\Disk and select the file SDD9x.drv and click the OK button.


    Step 22

Click the OK button to start the installation.

Copy Files From

    Step 23

As you can see in the image below, the Windows 95 display driver has been updated.

Display Doctor 7.0

    Step 24

Now, restart the Windows 95 virtual machine.

System Settings Change

    Step 25

After restarting the VM, you can see True Color (32 Bit) in the Color Palette on the Display Properties screen.

Also, the Desktop Area option is active. By configuring the settings as shown below, you can resolve Win 95 and Win 98 display resolution error.

Select the True Color (32 Bit) and 1024X768 display resolution for the Win 95 VM and click the OK button.

True Color (32 Bit)

    Step 26

Select the Apply the settings without restarting option and click on the OK button.

Apply the settings without restarting

    Step 27

The warning window in the following display informs you that the screen resolution of Win 95 will change, and click the OK button not to wait 15 seconds.

Display Properties

    Step 28

We have fixed the screen size problem successfully!

Windows 95 Display Resolution

How to Install SciTech Display Doctor ⇒ Video

You can watch the following video for the VirtualBox screen resolution problem solution and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us…

   Final Word

In this article, we have changed the display resolution on Windows 95 operating system running on Oracle VM VirtualBox using 3rd party software. Thanks for following us!

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