How to Install Windows Millennium in VirtualBox on Windows 10

In this article, we will examine how to install Microsoft Windows ME step by step using the Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization program on Windows 10.

How to Install Windows Millennium in VirtualBox on Windows 10

How to Setup Windows Millennium in VirtualBox on Windows PC

Windows Millennium is an operating system that it was released before Windows XP.

Windows Millennium is also called Windows ME. Windows ME view is very similar to Windows XP system. The Windows ME system kernel was designed with several features of the Win 2000 operating system.

You do not need to install the Win Millennium operating system on your desktop or laptop you are using. Because, the Win ME operating system is no longer supported.

However, if you want to install and test Win ME on your computer, we recommend using virtualization programs.

In our previous articles, we have installed Win ME operating system using VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion virtualization programs.

NOTE: You can also run Windows ME on Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.10 by following the steps in this article.

How to Install Windows ME in Oracle VM VirtualBox

To run it step-by-step on a PC, first install VirtualBox on your computer by referring to the following articles.

After you have installed Oracle software, follow the steps below to install Windows ME step by step.

   Step 1

Run the Oracle VM VBox program for the new VM setup and click the New button.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Virtual Machine Panel

   Step 2

Configure a 1 GB (1024) RAM size for the Win ME VM and click the Next button.

Adding RAM Size to VM

   Step 3

To create a virtual disk for a Win ME machine, click Create a virtual hard disk now, then click the Create button.

Create a virtual hard disk now

   Step 4

Select the VirtualBox Disk Image (VDI) as the Hard Disk file type of machine and click Next.

VirtualBox Disk Image (VDI)

   Step 5

For hard disk performance, select the Fixed Size option and click Next.

Fixed Size

   Step 6

If you back up the virtual HDD to a different location, your machine performance will increase slightly. Also, set the virtual HDD size to 8 GB and click the Create button.

Configuring Virtual Machine Location and HDD Size

   Step 7

Creating virtual hard disk…

Creating virtual hard disk...

   Step 8

We have created a new VM for the Win Millennium installation. Now, on the virtual machine, click the Right button / Settings.

Starting Microsoft Windows Millennium Virtual Machine

   Step 9

In the Settings window, click Storage and then Empty. Then click on the CD / DVD symbol and click on Choose Virtual Optical Disk File from the options opened.

Choose Virtual Optical Disk File

   Step 10

Download the WinME ISO file from at the bottom of the article to your computer. Then, add the Win Millennium ISO image as shown the following window.

Win Millennium ISO image

   Step 11

After adding the ISO file for the Millennium installation, click OK to close the window.

Win Millennium ISO image

   Step 12

The Millennium startup screen looks like the following. Press Enter on the Boot from CD-ROM option to start the Millennium ISO image from the CD-ROM.

Boot from CD-ROM

   Step 13

Press Enter on the Start Win Setup from CD-ROM option.

Start Win Setup from CD-ROM

   Step 14

Wait a moment in this step…

Start Win Setup from CD-ROM

   Step 15

Continue by pressing the Enter key on the Win ME installation screen.

Continue to Setup Windows Millennium

   Step 16

Press Enter on Configure unallocated disk space.

Configure unallocated disk space

   Step 17

Press ENTER on Yes, enable large disk support in this step because we have set the 8 GB HDD size for the virtual machine.

Yes, enable large disk support

   Step 18

Virtual machine will restart…

Setup will restart your computer now

   Step 19

In the same way, continue by selecting the first option.

Start Windows Setup from CD-ROM

   Step 20

Win ME setup is continuing and formatting C: Partition.

Formatting C Drive

   Step 21

Press Enter to continue.

Press Enter

   Step 22

ScanDisk is checking areas on C: …

Microsoft ScanDisk

   Step 23

Win Millennium installation on VirtualBox has started. And files are being copied.

Windows Millennium Edition Setup

   Step 24

In the Win Millennium installation window, click the Next button to continue.

Welcome to Windows ME Setup

   Step 25

It is useful to select the default location as the Windows ME installation location. For this reason, select C:\Windows and click on the Next button.

Select Directory

   Step 26

Checking HDD and components for Windows Millennium installation…

Preparing Directory

   Step 27

In the Window ME installation options, select Typical and click Next.

Setup Options

   Step 28

In the Components window, select Install the most common components and click Next.

Install the most common components

   Step 29

Type your computer name and click Next.

Network Identification

   Step 30

Continue by choosing the region you live in.


   Step 31

Select your time zone and click on the Next button.

Establishing Your Time Zone

   Step 32

We are almost at the end of the steps to install Millennium in Oracle VM VBox. Now the setup wizard is ready to copy the files. Click on the Finish button to continue the installation.

Ready to Begin Copying Files

   Step 33

Microsoft Win Millennium is installing on Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine.

More Innovative

   Step 34

After the files are copied, restart the virtual machine.

Restart Computer

   Step 35

Continue by selecting Boot from Hard Disk on the Boot Manager screen.

Boot From Hard Disk

   Step 36

Windows ME is currently configuring your hardware devices…

Setting Up Hardware

   Step 37

Please wait while the hardware scan is in progress…

Hardware Detection

   Step 38

Type your operating system user name and click Next.

User Information

   Step 39

Accept the OS license agreement and click Next.

License Agreement

   Step 40

After you have successfully installed Windows ME, you can click Finish to run the operating system.

Completing Windows Millennium Edition Setup

   Step 41

Updating system settings…

Updating System Settings

   Step 42

Type your user name and click OK.

Enter Network Password

   Step 43

After you install Win ME on the virtual machine, you can now examine this operating system.

Windows ME Desktop

How to Install Windows Millennium Step by Step ⇒ Video

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   Final Word

In this article, we have implemented the Windows Millennium installation step by step using the Oracle VM VBox program on the Windows 10 operating system. Thanks for following us!

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   Download Windows Millennium ISO for VirtualBox

You can download the Microsoft Millennium operating system ISO file used in this article by clicking the following button…

Download ISO File

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