How to Install Windows 95 in VirtualBox on Windows 10

In this article, we will install Microsoft Windows 95 OS using Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization software on Windows 10 PC / Laptop.

How to Install Windows 95 in VirtualBox on Windows 10

How to Setup Windows 95 in VirtualBox on Windows 10

Microsoft’s biggest selling success is undoubtedly the Windows 95 operating system. Windows 95 was put on the market by Microsoft on August 24, 1995.

With Windows 95 system, the plug-and-play feature was developed and new hardware installations became even easier. It was also a very important stage in terms of appearance. The most recognizable feature of the Windows 95 operating system was the development of TCP/IP networking support.

Microsoft ended Windows 95 operating system support on December 31, 2001. Nowadays, although MS Windows 95 rarely use, it is an unforgettable operating system. If you want to use Windows 95, you can run and use it on the virtual machine.

Today, with the increase in Internet security, vulnerabilities of operating systems are eliminated almost every day. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use Windows 95 in a virtual machine.

In our previous articles, we installed the Windows 95 system on different virtualization platforms.

In this article, we will run Windows 95 in a VM with the Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization program.

NOTE: You can also configure it on a virtual machine with the Oracle VM VBox 6.0.10 version.

How to Run Windows 95 in Virtual Machine

Before you start installing it, you can download Win 95 ISO to your computer at the bottom of the article. Afterward, follow the steps below for installing Win 95 using VBox.

   Step 1

To create a new virtual machine for Windows 95, first run the Oracle VBox program. After running VBox, click the New button as shown in the following image.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Virtual Machine Panel

   Step 2

Type Windows 95 for the VM name and select the operating system version. Then, click on the Next button.

Creating a New Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

   Step 3

For the VM RAM size, assign a value of 512 MB and click the Next button.

Allocating RAM Size for a New Virtual Machine

   Step 4

To create a new virtual hard disk for the Microsoft Windows 95 VM, select Create a virtual hard disk now and click the Create button.

Creating a New Virtual Disk

   Step 5

Select VDI (VBox Disk Image) for the HDD file type and click Next.

VDI (VBox Disk Image)

   Step 6

Configure the Win 95 VM hard disk as Fixed Size. Configuring the hard drive as a VM will improve performance.

After configuring the HDD to Fixed Size, click the Next button.

Storing the Virtual Disk on Physical Disk

   Step 7

Also, storing the virtual machine’s hard disk file on an external HDD will increase the performance of the virtual machine. In addition, set the Win 95 HDD size to 2 GB.

After storing the HDD file in a different location, click the Create button.

Selecting Location

   Step 8

Creating a virtual hard disk for Win 95…

Creating Virtual Hard Disk

   Step 9

To add the Win 95 ISO image to the VM, click the Right button / Settings on the virtual machine. In the settings screen that opens, click Storage in the left pane, then click Empty.

In the right panel, click on the CD/DVD symbol, then click the Choose Virtual Optical Disk File option.

Adding Optical Disk to VM

   Step 10

After adding the Win 95 ISO image, click on the Floppy drive and click on in the right panel to select Choose Virtual Floppy Disk File.

Adding Floppy Disk to VM

   Step 11

Select the Windows 95a.img boot disk image file and then click the Open button.


   Step 12

After adding the Win 95 boot disk to the virtual machine, close the window by clicking on the OK button.


   Step 13

Starting Win 95…

Starting Windows 95

   Step 14

The virtual machine started with Floppy Disk and we will now configure the HDD to prepare the Win 95 operating system for installation.

You can use the dir command to check the files in the A: drive.

Windows 95 MS-DOS Screen

   Step 15

To configure the hard disk for Win 95 installation, execute the fdisk command and press the Enter button.

Windows 95 FDISK Screen

   Step 16

On the Create Primary DOS Partition screen, type Y to confirm the active partition and press Enter.

Creating Primary DOS Partition

   Step 17

Restart the virtual machine.

Restart VM in VirtualBox

   Step 18

Follow the path to Machine / Reset.

Resetting Windows 95

   Step 19

After the virtual machine restarts, you need to format the disk. To format the virtual disk, execute the format C: command.

After applying the Format C: command, you will be notified that all files on the disk will be deleted. Press the Enter key after giving Yes to this warning.

Formatting Windows 95 Virtual Disk

   Step 20

After you format the HDD of Win 95, you need to create a folder on the C: drive. To switch to C: drive, type C: and press Enter.

Use the mkdir + Folder Name command to create a folder on the virtual C: drive. You can type WIN95 as the folder name.

Finally, since the ISO image is on the R: drive, you need to copy all the files in the WIN95 folder in the R: drive to C:\WIN95. To copy files, execute the following command.

copy R:\WIN95\*.* C:\WIN95

copy R:\WIN95\*.* C:\WIN95

   Step 21

All the files in the R:\WIN95 folder have been copied to C:\WIN95.


   Step 22

Now, to start Win 95 installation on the virtual machine, switch to the R: drive and execute the setup command at the command prompt.


   Step 23

Press Enter to continue the installation.

Windows 95 MS-DOS

   Step 24

In the Windows 95 installation, click the Continue button.

Windows 95 Setup Screen

   Step 25

Click Yes to accept the Win 95 license agreement.

Windows 95 License Agreement

   Step 26

Click the Next button in the Microsoft Windows 95 Setup Wizard.

Windows 95 Setup Wizard

   Step 27

Select C:\WINDOWS for your operating system installation location and click Next.


   Step 28

Select Typical from the installation options and click Next.

Setup Options

   Step 29

On the User Information screen, type a username and click Next to continue installation.

Creating a User in Windows 95

   Step 30

Continue by clicking on the Next button.

Installing Network Adapter in Windows 95

   Step 31

Wait for the setup to analyze the hardware devices.

Analyzing Your Computer

   Step 32

In the Windows components, select Install the most common components and click Next.

Installing Windows 95 Components

   Step 33

If you want to create a startup disk, select the option below and continue.

Startup Disk

   Step 34

Wait while the Windows 95 system files copies to the virtual machine.

Start Copying Files

   Step 35

In this step, click the OK button.

Insert Disk

   Step 36

Once the startup disk has been created successfully, uninstall it from the system and click on the OK button.

Windows 95 Startup Disk

   Step 37

Wait for the necessary files to be copied for Windows 95.

Easier to Use

   Step 38

After installing the Windows 95, click the Finish button.

Finishing Setup

   Step 39

You may see the following warning because there is a Floppy disk on the virtual machine. To close this warning, remove the Windows95.img file from the virtual machine and click on the OK button.

Windows 95 Setup

   Step 40

Click on the OK button and close the virtual machine.

Remove Floppy Disk Drive

   Step 41

Open the Win 95 virtual machine settings, uncheck the Floppy checkbox in the System / Boot Order section, and then click OK to save the settings.

Boot Order

   Step 42

When you run the Win 95 virtual machine again, you may encounter a Windows Protection Error like the one below.

Windows Protection Error

   Step 43

To resolve the Windows Protection Error, open the Windows 95 virtual machine settings and uncheck the Enable VT-x/AMD-V feature under Hardware Virtualization from the System/Acceleration section and click the OK button to save the setting.

Enable VT-x/AMD-V

   Step 44

Power on the Windows 95 virtual computer and you can verify that the Windows Protection Error has been resolved. Wait while the setup computer configures the hardware such as plug and play.

Setting Up Hardware

   Step 45

Click the OK button to configure the computer and network settings.

You must provide computer and networking names that will identify this computer on the network

   Step 46

Type in the computer name and Workgroup name and click the Close button.

Network Idenfitication

   Step 47

The installation continues to configure the hardware devices and click the OK button to specify the Win 95 driver to copy the necessary files.

Please Insert Disk

   Step 48

In this stage, we will select the location that we copied the files. In order to copy the necessary files, change the R:\WIN95 to C:\WIN95 and click the OK button.

Copying Files

   Step 49

Copying the files…

Copying Files

   Step 50

The setup is configuring the startup menu shortcuts…

Start Menu Shortcuts

   Step 51

Configure your time and date settings.

Data/Time Properties

   Step 52

Setup is finished configuring your system and click the OK button to close the warning window.

Click OK to Restart Your Computer Now

   Step 53

Restarting Win 95 VM…

Microsoft Windows 95

   Step 54

Type your username and click on the OK button.

Enter Network Password

   Step 55

If you want to set a password for your operating system, type your password and click the OK button. If you do not want to set a password, leave the password box blank and click the OK button.

Set Windows Password

   Step 56

Wait while configuring Windows 95 system settings.

Setting Up Hardware

   Step 57

Once you have successfully installed it, the Welcome window will meet you.

Welcome to Windows 95

   Step 58

You can check its system properties as follows.

System Properties

How to Install Windows 95 Step by Step ⇒ Video

You can watch the following video to install it step by step and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us…

   Final Word

In this article, we have installed the Windows 95 operating system using the Oracle VM VBox virtualization program on the Windows 10 operating system. We have also resolved the Windows Protection Error error. Thanks for following us!

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   Download Windows 95 ISO for VirtualBox

You can download the Windows 95 ISO image used in this article by clicking the following button…

Download ISO File


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      Run the CMD command prompt as an administrator and execute these two commands.

      1) cd C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox
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      You must type the full name of the virtual machine you created in the VMName part.


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