How to Install Windows 98 in VirtualBox on Windows 10

In this article, we will examine how to install Microsoft Windows 98 step by step using Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows PC/Laptop.

How to Install Windows 98 in VirtualBox on Windows 10

How to Setup Windows 98 in Oracle Software on Windows PC

The Windows 98 OS was released by Microsoft on June 25, 1998, as an update to Windows 95.

It was not actually a full update for Windows 95. It was an update only for critical and critical updates, fixes and new devices. After it, Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) released. Although Win 98 is no longer used today, it is still in the memory of many people.

It is possible to use the Windows 98 system virtually on your physical computer. And therefore, you can only install and use Win 98 with the intention to get to the curiosity.

You can install Windows 98 with virtualization programs such as VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion.

In our previous articles, we implemented a Windows 98 installation with other virtualization programs.

In this article, we will use the Oracle VM VBox virtualization program to perform the Windows 98 installation and finally install the guest additions.

NOTE: You can install Microsoft Windows 98 on Oracle VM VBox 6.0.10 by following the stages in this article.

How to Run Windows 98 in Virtual Machine

Before proceeding to the setup process, download Microsoft Windows 98 ISO file from the link below. Then follow the steps below to it on Windows 10.

   Step 1

Run the Oracle VM VirtualBox program and click the New button to create a new virtual machine.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Virtual Machine Panel

   Step 2

Type the virtual pc name and select the operating system version. Then click the Next button to continue.

Creating a New Virtual Machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox

   Step 3

Set the 1 GB (1024) RAM size for the Windows 98 machine and click on the Next button.

Allacating RAM to Virtual Machine

   Step 4

To create a new virtual hard disk, select Create a virtual hard disk now, then click the Create button.

Creating a Virtual Hard Disk

   Step 5

Select the VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) option for the virtual HDD file type and click the Next button.

VirtualBox Hard Disk File Type (VDI)

   Step 6

In virtual machine installations with VirtualBox, we recommend configuring the virtual hard disk as Fixed Size. Because an HDD created with Fixed Size will increase the performance of the virtual machine.

Select the Fixed Size option for the virtual HDD and click Next.

Storage on Physical Hard Disk

   Step 7

Also, storing the virtual hard disk in a different location will increase the performance of the virtual machine. In addition to this, running it on an external SSD Disk will increase the performance of it significantly.

Store the HDD device in a different location of virtual machine and click the Create button after specifying the 2 GB HDD size.

Creating Hard Disk Size

   Step 8

Creating virtual hard disk…

Creating Virtual Hard Disk

   Step 9

Now, to add the Windows 98 ISO image to the virtual machine, click the Right button / Settings on the virtual machine.

Windows 98 Virtual Machine Settings

   Step 10

Click Storage and then Empty from the left panel of the Win 98 settings window. Click on the CD / DVD symbol on the right-hand side and click Choose Virtual Optical Disk File.

Adding ISO File to Virtual Machine

   Step 11

After adding the ISO image to the virtual machine, click the OK button to close the window.

Storage Config

   Step 12

Start the Windows 98 virtual machine…

Starting Windows 98

   Step 13

From the Windows 98 Startup menu, press Enter on the Boot from CD-ROM.

Boot from CD-ROM

   Step 14

Press the Enter key on the Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM option.

Start Windows 98 Setup from CD-ROM

   Step 15

Press Enter = Continue on the installation screen.

Microsoft Windows 98 Setup

   Step 16

Select Configure unallocated disk space and press Enter.

Configure unallocated disk space

   Step 17

If you want to use a large disk, select Yes, enable large disk support and press Enter.

Yes, enable large disk support

   Step 18

Press Enter to restart the virtual machine.

Restart Windows 98 VM

   Step 19

In the same way, continue with the second option.

Boot from CD-ROM

   Step 20

Again, continue with the first option.

Start Windows 98 Setup CD-ROM

   Step 21

Wait while the Microsoft Windows 98 C: drive is formatted.

Formatting C: Drive

   Step 22

To continue with the installation, press Enter as shown below.

Press Enter

   Step 23

Click the Continue button to start the installation.

Windows 98 Setup

   Step 24

In this stage, you can specify the location where you want to install it. Select C:\WINDOWS and click Next.


   Step 25

Select the Typical that is selected by default from the installation options and click the Next button to continue the installation.

Setup Options

   Step 26

Select Install the most common components and click Next.

Install the most common components

   Step 27

Type your user name for the virtual machine and click Next.

Type your user name for the virtual machine

   Step 28

Select the country you live in and click on the Next button.

Selecting Your Location

   Step 29

Installation is ready to copy Win98 files. Click Next to continue.

Start Copying Files

   Step 30

Copying your Win98 files to your computer…

Easier to Get Help

   Step 31

After copying the files, restart the virtual machine as follows.

Restart Virtual Computer

   Step 32

From the start menu, select Boot from Hard Disk and press Enter.

Boot from Hard Disk

   Step 33

Type your username and continue.

User Information

   Step 34

To accept the license agreement, select I accept the Agreement and click Next.

Accept Windows 98 License Agreement

   Step 35

Windows 98 has saved all the information and click Finish to continue the next stage.

Start Wizard

   Step 36

Wait while MS Windows 98 does a hardware scan…

Hardware Detection

   Step 37

Configure your date and time settings and click the Close button to save your settings.

Date/Time Properties

   Step 38

Updating system settings…

Updating System Settings

   Step 39

To log in, type your username and click on the OK button.

Enter Network Password

   Step 40

If you do not want to see the Welcome window again, uncheck the Show this screen each time Win 98 starts option and close the window.

Windows 98 Welcome Screen

   Step 41

Oracle VM VirtualBox Win 98 installation has been successfully completed! You can check the system information in the following window.

System Properties

How to Install Windows 98 Step by Step ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to install Windows 98 and subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.

   Final Word

In this article, we have performed the Windows 98 installation using the Oracle VM VBox virtualization program on the Windows 10 operating system. Thanks for following us!

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   Download Windows 98 ISO for VirtualBox

You can download the Windows 98 ISO operating system used in this article by clicking the following button…

Download ISO File


  1. Avatar for Kevin Kevin 10 October 2018

    It asks for a product key. None are included with the files.

    • Avatar for tolqabaqci tolqabaqci 11 October 2018

      Search for Windows XP key on the Internet.

      • Avatar for Kevin Kevin 8 November 2018

        XP, not 98?

      • Avatar for Kevin Kevin 11 November 2018

        I got lt working, thanks. Still not sure why you said XP though.

  2. Avatar for a a 22 November 2018

    1GB RAM for Win98; a native installation would not even boot up! :p

  3. Avatar for mark hull mark hull 15 October 2019

    Hi, I came across youre article and followed the steps you did in order to create a win 98 virtual machine using virtualbox version 6.012 My purpose is to be able to create a win 98se virtual machine xp virtual machine, in order to continue using older games and other applications I just cant part with. I just built a new windows 7 machine, with latest hardware that supports that. Works great, but the compatibility wizard just wont work on really older games. I first started with the free microsoft virtual machine, and winxp component. They will not work. I can create a virtual machine but it wont boot from the install disk (optical drive) No amount of playing with settings works. I later notice that there is an integration package that is not available, and I guess it may hold the key to why vms wont boot.
    i then proceeded to use virtual box. Same story. VM wont boot from cd, iso or any settings. I was however able to get winxp vm installed, and win 2000.
    I also tried the vmware workstation 15. That wont boot either, no matter how much you play with settings. I was wondering if I am doing something wrong. I discovered vmware has no tech support unless you buy the pro version, and its forums are filled with people asking why they cant get the VM’s they made to boot, and install operating systems. On the virtual machines with xp and win 2000, that were sucessfully installed on virtual box are sort of useless, because they are isolated from interacting with outside world, or host operating system resources such as files, drives, etc. They only have old veersions of internet explorer that can not function with most websites, making it impossible to say download firefox or chrome that will work on accessing internet. Also impossible to simply use chrome install files from host system.
    Virtual box creators only have a forum loaded with people like me looking for solutions to get the thing to work. No tech support. Same goes for microsoft.
    I was disappointed after trying youre guide to see if I was missing some critical step or setting. Youre guide did not work for me. One thing that occurs to me is that these virtual machines attempt to boot from a newly created hard drive that has nothing on it. They do not seem to allow a first boot from a device with the installation media on it.
    I think I will just go and build a system from new on shelf older parts, so I can use my older games. It would be much more easy. I do have a hard drive on the shelf that I have installed windows 10 on. (on shelf because windows 10 sucks) But I do seem to have come across some info that windows 10 also has a version of virtual machines. Maybe I will give that a try see if it works. Just as an experiment.

    • Avatar for tolqabaqci tolqabaqci 16 October 2019

      Thank you for your review.

      Boot problems encountered when installing an operating system in VMware or VirtualBox virtual machine programs usually cause by the processor virtualization feature being turned off and using an incorrect IOS file.

      Can you try the installation by downloading the Windows 98 ISO file I shared from the button at the bottom of the article?

  4. Avatar for Ian Petersen Ian Petersen 26 January 2020

    Near the top of your article you write “In this article, we will use the Oracle VM VBox virtualization program to perform the Windows 98 installation and finally install the guest additions.” However, I can find no information on installing Guest Additions. Other sources say GA can’t be installed for Win 98. Is there a way to install GA or can you tell me another way to enable file and floppy drive sharing please?

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 11 February 2020

      I am very very sorry. I will update the article as soon as possible, and I will send you a special mail.

      I have been using Windows 98 in a virtual machine without any problems.

  5. Avatar for Bill England Bill England 2 February 2020


    Like another poster asked, I wonder about the guest additions? Everything I have found tells me there isn’t a way to install the guest additions for Windows 98 in the latest Virtual Box versions. However, I do remember that guest additions were available in the early releases of virtual box, although there were disclaimers as to how compatible they would be with some processors. A lot of the virtualization for Windows 98 is done in software, whereas later OS’s can capitalize on the hardware virtualization features included in newer systems. It seems that the current versions of Virtual Box do not include virtualization for Windows 98 at all. Probably because of the 16-bit to 32-bit compatibility methods that Windows 98 had, along with no real OS security to speak of.

    That said, it is possible to install Windows 98 in a Virtual Box virtual machine. Your guide is excellent. It does presume that the reader is familiar with how to work with .iso images, the types of virtual disks, and is also familiar with how the hypervisor allows the guest and host to communicate with each other.

    My final point is that for people who wish to use Windows 98 in a Virtual Box virtual machine, I recommend that you take your time, and read, read, read, and read some more of the many how-to’s
    of working with virtual machines of all kinds. The basic ideas apply to all of the hypervisors, and to most of the types of OS’s that can be installed. I suggest they also get a copy of disk2vhd from sysinternals.
    It can be used to create virtual disks from working systems that can be modified to work in a virtual machine. I recently did this with a disk from an AST Premium EXEC 386SX notebook pc (very old)
    and it had Windows 95 on it. The virtual machine booted first time with NO modification at all.

    Thank you for your guide. It is correct.

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 11 February 2020

      I have read your comment and appreciate your experience. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  6. Avatar for Help me Help me 8 November 2020

    I used your iso but when i boot it up it gives me an error that explorer has performed an illeagl action and it doesn’t boot up.


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