How to Uninstall VMware Workstation 14/15 on Linux Mint 19.1/18

In this article, we will examine the steps to remove the VMware Workstation virtualization program installed on Linux Mint 18/19.

How to Uninstall VMware Workstation 14/15 on Linux Mint 19.1/18

How to Uninstall VMware Software from Linux Mint 19.1/18

VMware Workstation 14 Pro is a popular virtualization program and allows you to set up multiple operating systems by creating VMs.

VMware Software 14/15 Pro works on Windows operating systems as well as on Linux platforms. In our previous article, we installed VMware 14/15 Pro on Linux Mint 19 and Linux Mint 18.

In this article, we will remove VMware 14/15 Pro virtualization software that we installed on Linux Mint. You can also use Package Manager to delete VMware program or any software over Linux.

If you are familiar with Linux Terminal commands, we will review the steps of removing the VMware Workstation from Mint using Terminal.

How to Remove VMware from Linux Mint

You must also delete the virtual machine settings made to remove the VM software completely from the system. If you do not want to delete the virtual machine configurations you have made, you should pay attention to this setting in the uninstallation window.

To completely delete VMware from your computer, follow the steps below in sequence.

   Step 1

Open the Start menu and type the name of the program in the search box to make sure it is installed on your system.

Linux Mint Start Menu

   Step 2

To remove the program, open the Terminal and execute the following command.

sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-workstation

sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-workstation

   Step 3

To delete all configurations you have made on the virtualization program, you must select No in the following image. If you will then setup this program again on your system, select Yes in this step to save the configurations.

Select No to delete the configurations and click Next.

Confirm deletion of all files related to VMware

   Step 4

Wait while uninstalling the program from Mint.

Uninstalling VMware on Linux Mint

   Step 5

The virtualization program has successfully removed from the system. Click the Close button to close the warning window.

Uninstalling Workstation

   Step 6

Type “vmware” in the search box on mint and make sure that the virtual machine program has removed!


How to Delete VMware Workstation on Linux Mint 19/18 ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to delete the VM software and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us…

VMware Uninstallation Video

   Final Word

In this article, we have examined how to delete the virtualization program from the Linux system. In addition, for more information about the removal process, you can refer to the source published on the developer’s website. Thanks for following us!

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