What is SMTP Protocol in Networking?

With SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), users can send an email to any address on the Internet. Also, the SMTP was developed in the early 1980s.

What is SMTP Protocol in Networking?

What is SMTP and What Does it Do?

Today, SMTP is the most popular service used to send Email. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used to send e-mail from one server to another server over the Internet.

In short, it is used to send an electronic mail (E-Mail) between two different hosts and is an Application Layer protocol. Performs a TCP connection to send mail to a remote server.

How SMTP Works?

The SMTP protocol also listens on port 25 when making a TCP connection. The client uses this port (25) to send mail. When the TCP connection is successful, both Request and Response processes initiate. In this process, sender and recipient mail addresses are determined. Then, when the server accepts the mail addresses, the client sends the mail to the recipient.

In an Email, there must be a message header and a message body.

An E-mail must contain a message title and a message body. The user can receive e-mail messages by using the Post Office Protocol (POP) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

The Mailbox program must be installed on the user’s computer to send and receive e-mail. A user with a mailbox program must configure POP or IMAP to send an e-mail.

A user may not know that he/she uses this protocol when sending E-mail. Today, with the development of technology, sending and receiving e-mails has become very easy. Users with Internet access can easily send and receive E-mail using Web-based e-mail services.

Examples of web-based e-mail services include Microsoft’s Outlook Service and Google’s Gmail services.

In short, a computer user can install an E-mail program on your computer and control all e-mail traffic from a single location.

How to Configure Mail Settings in Windows 10

For example, in the following picture, you can see the Mail program built-in Windows 10. With this mail program, multiple E-mail accounts are controlled and managed.

Windows Mail Software

For example, in the picture below you can see the MAIL SERVER SMTP setting used to send an email. Here you can see that the SMTP protocol configured in the Outgoing section.

If you want to set up mail on your Windows 10 computer, you must configure the Outgoing and Incoming fields in the following illustration. You can obtain the information hereby contacting your hosting company.

When you look at the image below, info@sysnettechsolutions.com e-mail address information contains the records of the hosting company.

Mail Account Settings

How to Configure Email Security in Windows 10

SMTP Server security is very important. If the necessary security settings not configured, malicious people can send fake Emails on your behalf.

In general, the incoming and outgoing server settings for the POP3 and IMAP settings are provided by the hosting company. If the hosting provider does not provide SMTP (25) port security, this will be critical to you.

If there is a vulnerability for Port 25, you can send an e-mail with several commands by connecting to the server through Telnet at the CMD command prompt. If this vulnerability is not blocked by your Hosting company, this can have bad consequences for you.

   Final Word

In this article, we have talked about what SMTP is and what works. Finally, we’ve explored how to configure mail settings in Windows 10. Thanks for following us!

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