What is Sysprep in Windows 10?

Sysprep is a Microsoft tool and is available on all Windows operating systems. With this tool, you can easily copy Windows systems.

What is Sysprep?

What is Sysprep (System Preparation Tool)?

The System Preparation Tool is a program developed by Microsoft that is used mainly by system administrators.

Sysprep allows you to quickly install or deploy an operating system on computers with the same hardware in the organization.

The operating system installed on one computer captures using Sysprep and quickly distributes it to other computers in the same location.

You need a third-party program to distribute the operating system you created with Sysprep to other computers.

What Does Sysprep Do?

This will take a long time if you want to install an operating system on your computer without using Sysprep because you need to install a separate Windows operating system on each computer.

When you install a standard operating system, each user account SID that you create will be different. However, if you make a setup with the System Preparation Tool, the user SID numbers will conflict.

Therefore, you need to understand what Sysprep does. When preparing a computer with this tool, you must select the Generalize option and shut down the computer.

How to Find a User’s SID in Windows 10

To display SID information for users in the Windows operating system, open the CMD command prompt by pressing Windows Key + R and perform the following command.

wmic useraccount get name, sid

wmic useraccount get name, sid

How to Use Preparation Tool ⇒ Video

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If you are using the VMware or VirtualBox virtualization program, you can create and test the system with Sysprep by setting up a new Windows installation. Thanks for following us!

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