How to Create a RamDisk in Windows 10 using ImDisk Virtual Disk Toolkit

In this article, we will examine how to create a RamDisk using the ImDisk Virtual Disk Toolkit software on the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Create RAMDisk in Windows 10 Using ImDisk Virtual Disk Toolkit

How to Create a RAMDisk in Windows 10 using ImDisk

You must use RAMDisk software to allocate an HDD space on your computer’s RAM hardware. Programs built on RAMDisk run much faster. If you want to build RAMDisk on your computer, we recommend using this program.

As an alternative to the Virtual Disk Tool, you can use the Dataram software, but it is a paid program, giving you the option to create only 1 GB RAMDisk.

To create a RAMDisk with ImDisk, first, download the program to your computer by clicking the button below.


How to Install and Use It

After downloading the software to your computer, extract the stable file to the folder. Then follow the steps below to install and use it on Windows 10, respectively.

   Step 1

After running the installation file as an administrator, select the location where the program will install, and then click Next.

ImDisk Setup Wizard

   Step 2

After completing the installation, click OK.

Installation Finished

   Step 3

Run the program by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop.

Starting the Program

   Step 4

From the menu, click File.

Click File

   Step 5

Click on Mount new virtual disk.

Mount a New Virtual Disk

   Step 6

After the Mount New Virtual Disk settings open, you must set a value based on the RAM capacity of your computer to create a new virtual space on your Windows 10 operating system. For example; You can create 4 GB or 6 GB RAMDisk space on a computer with 8 GB of RAM.

Type the value of the RAMDisk space you want to create in the Size of the virtual disk and select the Gigabytes option.

In the Image file access area, select Create a virtual disk in physical memory. Then, click OK.

Create Virtual Disk in Physical Memory

   Step 7

You have successfully created a new RAMDisk on Windows 10!

Physical Memory

   Step 8

After you create it, you must format the drive. After checking its drive letter, format the disk as follows.

Formatting RAMDisk

   Step 9

After you click My Computer, you can see that the RAMDisk you created is now available.

RAMDisk Space

RAMDisk Speed ​​Test

You can use Crystal Disk Mark to test the write and read speeds of RAMDisk that you create using ImDisk.

After downloading Crystal Disk Mark to your computer, you can test your RAMDisk’s write and read speeds as shown in the image below and check that it is faster than SSD Disks.

Crystal Disk Mark


   Final Word

In this article, we have created a new RAMDisk using ImDisk on Windows 10. If you want to delete/remove the virtual space you created, you can do this with this program. Thanks for following us!

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