How to Install Windows XP Professional to a Computer using a Flash Disk

In this article, we will examine how to install Windows XP Professional on a desktop or laptop computer using a USB step by step.

How to Install Windows XP Professional to a Computer using a Flash Disk

How to Install Windows XP Professional on PC

First of all, Microsoft has finished its support for Windows XP since 2014. We therefore recommend using a newer Windows operating system. The purpose of this article is that some users still want to use the Windows XP system.

Although Windows XP is a legacy operating system, the programs developed for the management of some devices support Windows XP only, so users do not update their computers to Windows 7 or Windows 10.

You can install the XP system on your old computer using a bootable Flash Disk. As a result, you can install it without a CD/DVD installation media.

How to Setup Win XP Professional Step by Step

For installation, you need a minimum of 4 GB of Flash memory and a program called Rufus. Preparing a Windows installation media using Rufus is as easy as setting up a program.

By following the steps in this article, you can install other versions of XP in the same way.

First, download Rufus, a USB Memory creation program for installation, to your computer and then create bootable installation media.

After you create your Windows USB installation media, open the BIOS settings of your computer and configure the USB memory that you have plugged in on your computer as the 1st option in the Boot sequence. If it does not boot from USB, configure the 1st option in the HDD configuration as USB memory and restart your computer and try again.

Follow the steps below to build Windows XP Professional on your computer.

   Step 1

After you boot your computer from your Flash memory, you will see the Windows XP Professional installation wizard. In the setup wizard window, press Enter to continue the installation.

Welcome to Setup

   Step 2

Press F8 to accept the Win XP license agreement.

Win XP Licensing Agreement

   Step 3

You will be able to see the disk or disks installed on your computer as follows. In this step, you must configure the disk partition settings. For example; If you have a 500 GB HDD, you can configure up to 100 GB as a C: drive by performing partitioning on this disk, and you can install the XP operating system on this C disk.

If you use the entire disk at this stage then you can do disk partitioning as well. In this article, we will use the entire disk to install a clean Windows. Press C to continue with Create Partition.

Unpartitioned Space

   Step 4

You can configure the disk size in this step. If you have a low-sized disk, we recommend that you use the entire disk. Press Enter to allocate the disk.

Create Partition of Size

   Step 5

After creating a new partition, press Enter on the C: drive to start the installation.

C: Partition

   Step 6

You need to format the disk for installation. To do this, press Enter on the Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick) option.

Format the Partition using the NTFS File System

   Step 7

Wait while the setup wizard formats the disk.

Setup is Formatting

   Step 8

After formatting, wait for XP to copy the necessary files. This processing time varies depending on the performance of your computer.

Setup is Copying Files

   Step 9

After the necessary files for the installation are copied, your computer will restart. If you want to restart your PC directly, press Enter.

Your Computer will Reboot in 9 seconds

   Step 10

Windows XP operating system is opening …

Microsoft XP

   Step 11

Wait for the installation to continue.

An Exciting New Look

   Step 12

In the Regional and Language Options window, click the Customize button to select or change your current location. After that, click Next.

Reginal and Language Options

   Step 13

In the Personalize Your Software window, type a user name and organization name for the operating system, then click Next.

Personalize Your Software

   Step 14

In the Computer Name and Administrator Password window, type a name for your computer. If you want to create an administrator password, type and confirm your admin password.

Click Next to continue the installation.

Computer Name and Administrator Password

   Step 15

In the Date and Time Settings window, configure the time zone of your area and click Next.

Date and Time Settings

   Step 16

Leave the Typical Settings option selected by default in the Networking Settings window and click Next.

Networking Settings

   Step 17

Continue with the first option in the Workgroup or Computer Domain window. If an existing Active Directory service is running in your existing network environment and you want to make your computer a member of Domain, you can continue with option 2.

If you are going to use the Win XP computer only for the personal purposes, select Workgroup and click Next.

Workgroup or Computer Domain

   Step 18

Completing the installation …

Completing Installation

   Step 19

After the installation is complete, your computer will restart and the desktop view will be prepared …

Please Wait...

   Step 20

Click OK when you see the Display Settings window.

Display Settings

   Step 21

In the Monitor Settings window, click the OK button.

Monitor Settings

   Step 22

In the Welcome to Microsoft Windows window, click the Next button to configure some settings for your computer.

Welcome to Microsoft Windows

   Step 23

To configure the required security settings in more detail in the Help Protect Your PC window later, tick Right Now and click Next.

Help Protect Your PC

   Step 24

Click on the Skip button to skip checking your Internet connection.

Checking Your Internet Connectivity

   Step 25

In the Register to Microsoft window, select No, not at this time and click Next.

Ready to Register with Microsoft?

   Step 26

In the Who Will Use This Computer window, type your user name again and click Next.

Create a New User Account

   Step 27

Microsoft thanks you for using Win XP. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Thank You!

   Step 28

Your computer desktop will come soon …

Welcome Screen

   Step 29

You have installed Windows XP step by step to your computer using a flash disk! The first screen you will encounter after completing the operating system setup is as follows!

Windows XP Desktop

   Final Word

In this article, we have examined how to make a Win XP installation using a USB memory stick without a CD to the computer. After completing the Windows installation, the first thing you need to do is to install the drivers for your computer’s hardware. After installing the drivers are now ready to work on your computer! Thanks for following us!

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