How to Install Adobe Photoshop 2022 on macOS/Mac

In this article, we will examine how to legally set up Adobe Photoshop 2022 software with a 7-day trial period on an Apple Mac computer without a credit or debit card on the macOS Monterey 12 operating system.

How to Install Adobe Photoshop 2022 on macOS/Mac

How To Install Adobe Photoshop 2022 on macOS Monterey 12 Legally without Credit/Debit Card

Photoshop is the best and most advanced photo editing program developed by Adobe company and used by amateurs and professionals alike. You can create creative projects using this software, which can work in harmony with both Windows and macOS systems.

Although Photoshop is not preferred by some users because it is a paid program, it is mostly preferred by professional users. Users who only aim to create or edit amateur images may prefer the open-source GIMP software.

Using Adobe Photoshop, you can add text to your photos, design a magazine cover, and create or edit various images depending on your imagination.

Adobe Photoshop CC is the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop and was developed for professional use. The CC version is often used by designers, web developers, photographers, and video editors.

How to Download and Install Photoshop

You were not obliged to add a credit/debit card when you tried to download older versions of Photoshop to your computers. However, Adobe has obliged that you need to add a credit/debit card for newer versions.

You can download and install Photoshop on your Mac via Creative Cloud with a 7-day trial period without adding a card. We recommend that you purchase a subscription by logging into your Adobe account again after the trial period.

   Step 1

Visit the Adobe website and create a new account if you do not have one, then click Sign In.

Adobe Sign In

   Step 2

Type your e-mail address that you registered on Adobe and click Continue.

Typing the Email Address

   Step 3

To complete the login with your personal account, type your password and click Continue again.

Typing the Account Password

   Step 4

After successfully logging in to Adobe, go to in your Safari browser and click the Try for free button on Photoshop from the programs listed on the homepage.

Viewing the Creative Cloud Page

   Step 5

Click Try again on the page containing information about Photoshop.

Photoshop Download

   Step 6

When you start the Photoshop download, confirm the download in your browser.

Allow Download

   Step 7

After downloading the Photoshop_Installer.dmg file to your Mac, click the Downloads folder on the Dock and run it.

Running Photoshop_Installer.dmg

   Step 8

After the Installer is mounted on your system, double-click the logo to install Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop.

Starting Installation

   Step 9

When you encounter the following warning on your macOS system because you downloaded the program you are trying to install from the Internet, confirm to run the program because you downloaded it from a secure website.

Allow Installer File

   Step 10

Click Continue to authenticate your Adobe account in the Creative Cloud application, then type your macOS user password to confirm the Installer to make changes to your system and click OK.

Install Creative Cloud and Photoshop

   Step 11

Click OK again to confirm the permission to access the Downloads folder.

Allowing Access to Downloads Folder

   Step 12

Go back to your Safari browser and authenticate.

Checking Browser

   Step 13

After authenticating the Creative Cloud app, you will be automatically redirected to where you left off.

Getting Where You Left Off After Signing In

   Step 14

Check the Adobe Genuine Service (AGS) option and click Start Installing to check the originality of the Photoshop application periodically.

Starting Creative Cloud Installation

   Step 15

After starting the installation process, Creative Cloud will be installed first and then Photoshop. In addition, you can specify the purpose for which you will use the program by answering the questions asked on this screen.

Skip Answering the Listed Questions

   Step 16

Confirm the permission to access the Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folder while Creative Cloud opens.

Allowing Access to Desktop, Downloads, and Documents

   Step 17

The Photoshop program will start downloading automatically by Creative Cloud.

Downloading Photoshop

   Step 18

After the download is complete, wait while Adobe Photoshop 2022 verifies.

Confirming Adobe Photoshop 2022

   Step 19

Wait while Adobe Photoshop 2022 opens.

Opening Adobe Photoshop Software

   Step 20

After running Photoshop, create a new project and test the program.

Creating a New File

   Step 21

After installing Photoshop on macOS, when you check its version, you can see that you have installed the most recent version on your computer.

Checking the Version of the Program

How to Uninstall Adobe Photoshop

If you do not plan to purchase Photoshop after the trial period, we recommend that you uninstall it so that it does not take up space on your computer’s disk.

   Step 1

Open Applications in Finder and click on the Photoshop folder.

Running Adobe Software

   Step 2

Click the Uninstall Adobe Photoshop 2022 shortcut in the folder you viewed.

Uninstall Photoshop on macOS

   Step 3

Before uninstalling, click Remove to completely clear notifications, alerts, interface settings, add-ons, and other preferences you have created from your computer.

Deleting Application Preferences

   Step 4

Wait while removing Photoshop from your Mac.

Uninstalling the Program

How to Uninstall Creative Cloud

We do not recommend uninstalling the Creative Cloud app if you have other purchased Adobe products. However, we recommend deleting it only if you have it installed for Photoshop.

   Step 1

Likewise, open Applications and click Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Creative Cloud Uninstall

   Step 2

After opening the folder, click the Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud shortcut and click OK after typing your macOS user password.

Allow Creative Cloud Uninstaller

   Step 3

Click the Uninstall button and continue.

Confirming Creative Cloud App Deletion

   Step 4

Confirm access permissions while uninstalling Creative Cloud from your Mac.

Confirming Uninstaller Access

   Step 5

Click Close after the Creative Cloud application has been successfully uninstalled from your system.

Creative Cloud Successfully Uninstalled

   Step 6

When you view Applications again, you can see that the program has been successfully uninstalled.

Checking Applications


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