How to Create External Virtual Switch in Hyper-V Manager

After setting up a virtual machine with Hyper-V Manager on Windows 10, the first step is to set up the virtual machine’s network settings.

How to Create External Virtual Switch in Hyper-V Manager

How to Add and Configure External Virtual Switch on Hyper-V

The most common method of configuring virtual network settings in a Microsoft virtual machine program is to create an External Virtual Switch. The main reason for adding this virtual key is to include the virtual machine in our physical network.

The virtual machine, which provides access to the physical network, can communicate with all devices on the network. As a result, a Windows 10 virtual machine running on Hyper-V can also access the Internet through the External Network configuration.

If you haven’t installed Hyper-V before, you can find the links below.

In our previous articles, we examined the Internal Switch and Private Switch network types. In this article, we’ll only explore how to add and configure an External Switch.

Before proceeding with the External network configuration in Hyper-V, create a virtual machine on the Windows operating system and install a clean Windows 10. After completing these steps, let’s connect the virtual machine running on Hyper-V to our physical network or the Internet.

How to Add an External Virtual Switch

First, we will create a new network adapter and then define the adapter to the virtual machine. When configuring an External Network, we need to select the adapter for our physical computer connected to the Internet.

For example, if our computer connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi adapter, then we need to select the Wi-Fi card in the Switch configuration.

To configure a Hyper-V virtual machine outside network, follow the steps below.

   Step 1

First, open Hyper-V Manager and check that the Virtual Switch has not added to the virtual machine from the Right Button / Settings section of the virtual machine.

Let’s add a Virtual Switch to the Windows 10 virtual machine running on Hyper-V.

Virtual Machine Network Adapter Settings

   Step 2

To configure the Windows 10 virtual machine network settings, click Virtual Switch Manager from the Hyper-V Actions panel.

Virtual Switch Manager

   Step 3

In the Virtual Switch Manager window, select External and click the Create Virtual Switch button.

Adding an External Network

   Step 4

In the Virtual Switch configuration window, select the network card of your physical computer that connected to the Internet. And name the External Switch you added.

Selecting Connection Type

   Step 5

As you can see in the example below, we chose the Qualcomm Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter card because we are connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network adapter via a Laptop.

Click Apply / OK to have the settings take effect.

Selecting a Wi-Fi Adapter

   Step 6

As soon as you click the Apply button, a warning window will appear as follows. This alert window reports that your network connection will terminate.

Click Yes to apply the changes.

Approve Network Changes

   Step 7

Applying changes to virtual network settings…

Applying Changes

   Step 8

After adding the External Switch, you need to define the network card to the Windows 10 virtual machine. Right-click on the virtual machine.

Opening Windows 10 Virtual Computer Settings

   Step 9

In the virtual machine setup window, click Network Adapter and select the HyperVWAN virtual switch created from the Virtual Switch opened window from the right panel.

Adding a Virtual Switch to a Windows 10 VM

   Step 10

After configuring the virtual external switch setting for the Windows 10 machine, click OK to save the settings.

Adding a Virtual Switch

   Step 11

Now run the virtual machine to test this network structure.

Operating the Virtual Computer

   Step 12

Click the Start button to run the virtual pc.

Starting the Virtual Machine

   Step 13

After you add a Hyper-V virtual switch, you can see that the virtual machine receives an IP address over the physical network.

Review Network Properties

   Step 14

You can also check the IP address configuration in the Windows 10 network settings. Now, let’s test the Windows 10 Internet connection with the Hyper-V virtual switch.

Network Connection Details

   Step 15

The Windows 10 VM connects successfully to the Internet.

Accessing Virtual Machine to the Internet

How to Add Network Adapters in Hyper-V ⇒ Video

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   Final Word

To configure an Internet connection to a VM installed on Hyper-V, we have created an External Switch and connected it to the VM. Thanks for following us!

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