What is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is a Microsoft operating system that offers an innovative experience designed to reliably contribute to information searching, viewing, and organization.

What is Windows Vista?

Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System

In Windows Vista, previously known as Longhorn code, developers can differentiate their apps around the user experience, offer new ways to increase productivity, and make apps more relevant and more fun.

Microsoft offers new technologies and a host of User Experience (UX) guides to showcase how to use these innovations in a Windows Vista environment to create graphically rich user experiences and take advantage of computers for end-users.


Microsoft Windows Vista is designed to significantly improve the computing experience for any PC user, professionals, or regular scientists who need to organize and process a large amount of data from home use only to browse the Internet.

Microsoft will offer six different editions of Windows Vista to meet the needs of a wide variety of users. Each edition is directed to the needs of a particular person.

Microsoft introduced six different versions of the Windows XP operating system, but it was aligned to different types of PC hardware, not the way people use these computers.

For example, the WinXP Pro Tablet PC Edition version is designed for portable computers and supports handwriting recognition.

Windows XP Media Center Edition functions as a home entertainment center and allows you to use advanced 64-bit processors.

If you are looking for an operating system that can be connected to television, support handwriting recognition, act as a home entertainment center and operate on a mobile computer that benefits from 64-bit performance and security, Windows XP has no such flexibility.


Six versions of Windows Vista are designed to fit the way you want to use your computer:


Regardless of the size of your organization, the Business version will help you reduce computer management costs, increase security and productivity, and improve connectivity.


Enterprise is designed to meet the needs of large organizations with highly complex IT infrastructures. It can also help reduce IT costs while providing a more comprehensive protection mechanism for sensitive data.

   Home Premium

Whether you’re emailing, surfing the Internet, home entertainment, or tracking PC spending, Home Premium gives you a more complete and satisfying computing experience.

   Home Basic

Home Basic is designed to offer a higher level of reliability, security, and functionality to home computer users who only need the basic functionality of their computer.


If you want to take advantage of the best work, mobility, and home entertainment feature available to you, your solution is the Ultimate version.


Starter is the easiest way to enjoy the operating system experience. It is available only in developing markets and is designed for first-time users with additional tools and tutorials that will make it even easier to use.

User Experience

Vista has improved user experience and is designed to rely on its ability to view, search, and organize information, and control your computing experience.

The visual complexity of WinVista helps you improve your experience by redefining what opens as a window; so you can focus more on the content on the screen, not how you access it.

The desktop experience is more informative, and useful. It has new tools that provide more clarity of information on your PC, so you can see what files it contains without opening it, instantly search for files and applications, efficiently discover open windows, and use wizards and control boxes dialog more reliably.

Ease of Use

When you start using WinVista, you will now recognize familiar items such as the Start menu, which is faster, better designed, and more useful than the previous version of Windows.

The Start menu includes a desktop search integrated with a new feature called Speed ​​Dial, which helps you find and run almost anything on your PC. Speed ​​Dial can find the right file when you just type a word, name, or phrase.

In addition, the new start menu makes it incredibly easy to browse in all applications installed on the computer. By avoiding low performance, the new start menu can help you launch any application faster than ever, by viewing the All Programs view in an expanded form.

File Explorer and Browser

New browsers are very powerful and easy-to-use tools to constantly work with files in Win Vista.

Browsers provide more information and control while simplifying the way you work with files.

Experience is simple and consistent when searching for photos or documents or using the Control Panel.

The new Document Explorer makes working with files very fast. With the new Active Icon feature, you can find files faster.

The key elements of MS Vista browsers are designed to help you get the information you need on time.

Quick Search is available to help you find files instantly. The Navigation pane contains the new Search Folders and the normal folders you create on your computer.

Command Bars show only the most suitable tasks for the selected files.

Using the new Active Icons used in MS Vista, you can see the first page of documents, the current image of a photo, or the album cover of a song in your music collection, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can type keywords in the Quick Search box in the new Control Panel to quickly find the right system settings.

Windows Aero

WinVista is the first Windows operating system with a user experience that can be adjusted to match the hardware capacity of the computer on which it is installed.

All computers that meet the minimum hardware requirements will be able to see the Vista Basic user experience, which takes advantage of the above-mentioned interface features.

The Aero feature offers amazing visual effects like transparency interface elements, so you can see between them.

Aero is an additional level of visual complexity, more responsiveness, and a highly manageable environment that gives Windows users greater clarity and confidence.

Thumbnails on the Taskbar

When you hover your mouse pointer over an item on the taskbar, a thumbnail of the window containing its content is displayed.

The thumbnail view shows whether the window is minimized and whether the content is a document, photo, video, or running process.

You can see thumbnails of items on the taskbar by hovering your mouse pointer.

Flip 3D

The new feature Flip to manage windows allows you to look at open windows and each provides a thumbnail view instead of an icon and a generic filename.

Thumbnails make it easy to quickly identify the desired window, especially when multiple windows of the same type are open.

With Flip 3D, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to quickly stare open windows and find and select what you want to work with.


WinVista enhances personal productivity and digital entertainment on your PC with enhanced reliability, security, and performance.

WinVista helps you get things done faster with a new rich interface and new ways to organize and search for information stored on your computer.

When it comes to entertainment, you can enjoy even more with live and recorded television videos on your computer.

It also gives you access to all your saved photos, music, movies, and videos on other computers in your home and even on Xbox 360.

Business Experience

The Microsoft Vista operating system is designed for businesses of all sizes and all industries.

Desktop images aim to help you achieve the best operational and economic efficiency in management and security applications. In short, it will make a difference in any business configuration.

In addition, it offers enhanced connectivity with improved integration of technologies, networks, and systems, as well as providing fast access to information through better organization, helping PC users to be more effective in their work.

Differences Between Windows Vista and Windows XP

  1. It includes a completely redesigned graphical interface called Aero.
  2. It is drawn with vector graphics using XAML and DirectX. To do this, a new API called Avalon coded Windows Presentation Foundation is used, which requires a DirectX compatible 3D accelerated graphics card.
  3. WinFX is an API for replacing the current API called Win32. This, together with Avalon and Indigo, are the cornerstones of Vista.
  4. It has an antivirus API for antivirus programmers.
  5. It has a natural DVD burning capability.
  6. There is a command-line interface called Monad temporarily.
  7. Includes a version of the Internet Explorer 7 browser.
  8. Integrates an RSS newsreader directly into the system.
  9. The system restore utility will be updated and implemented as a logon tool, making it easier to recover the system.
  10. A unified communications system called the Windows Communication Foundation received the Indigo code.
  11. It includes an antispyware system called Windows Defender.
  12. Unlike the previous operating system, all versions of this operating system only contain the Media Center program included in Windows XP Media Center Edition.
  13. Windows Live Mail Desktop is MS Vista’s Outlook Express.
  14. The new Windows Sidebar is included. At first glance, Windows Sidebar is strikingly similar to the Mac OS X Dashboard.
  15. With a mouse click, the user can access a number of small programs called gadgets.
  16. Unlike the Dashboard, the new Windows Sidebar does not have access to running programs, it gives you access to use gadgets such as an office such as clocks, photo gallery, calendar, temperature viewer.
  17. BitLocker Drive Encryption tool is included to protect lost data.
  18. User Account Control; Unlike current versions of Windows, new users of WinVista will not have administrative rights by default.
  19. Windows Media Player 11 will be included in certain editions. Versions without WMP11 are designed for distribution in Europe. In this way, Microsoft complies with a European Union requirement that requires the Windows Media Player to uninstall when the operating system is marketed in Europe.
  20. It includes a protection system called WSPP (Windows Software Protection Platform) that will be more powerful than the current WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage).
  21. When it detects that the copy is pirated, it only disables system options such as Aero or Windows Defender until it is the most basic, like a browser.

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