What is BlackBerry?

BlackBerry (BB) is a smartphone that integrates mobile email service and was developed by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM).

What is BlackBerry?

What is a BlackBerry SmartPhone?

BlackBerry has telephony capabilities as well as typical smartphone applications such as address book, calendar, to-do lists, notes, and more recent applications. This mobile phone is widely known for being able to send and receive e-mail from the Internet so that a company’s employees can work more specifically and easily.

The most popular smartphone among business users in the US is the BlackBerry without exception.


The first BlackBerry device was introduced in 1999 and functioned as a two-way locator.

In 2002, the best known BlackBerry was launched. This device supports push e-mail, mobile phone, text messaging, Internet fax, web browsing, and other wireless information services.

The development of the RIM company was founded in 1995 by Canadian corporate contributions and venture capital investors. The first corporate investment was made with revenue used to complete the development of RIM’s two-way hardware and software localization system.

The company obtained a large amount of funding before its initial public offering under the symbol RIM on the Toronto Stock Exchange in January 1998.

BlackBerry developed its market with a focus on email. RIM BlackBerry currently offers email services such as the Palm Treo through BlackBerry Software Connection.

The first BlackBerry device had a monochrome display, but newer models have color displays. While the BlackBerry product line celebrates its 10th anniversary, RIM has become a 25-year-old company.

In 10 years, 50 million wireless phones were sold worldwide, making it the second best selling smartphone in the world.

On August 18, 2009, Fortune magazine declared RIM the fastest growing company in the world, with an 85% increase in profits over three years despite the recession.

As a growing company, BlackBerry acquired other companies to improve the performance of its products. In June 2009, RIM announced that they had received a new dashboard from those responsible for Dash Express.

On March 26, 2010, the company announced the acquisition of BB application developer Viigo, a Toronto-based company, but the terms were not disclosed.

In 2013, BlackBerry 10 based on the QNX operating system was introduced. In 2015, mobile phones with DTEK50 based Android operating system started to be developed.

In 2017, the company introduced the BB KeyOne model with a physical keyboard and long battery life. A year later, it announced the Key2 model. The KEY2 has dual cameras and includes features such as portrait mode and optical zoom.

BlackBerry Processor

Modern handhelds, BB phones contain ARM 7 or 9 processors while BlackBerry 950 and 957 use Intel processors.

The latest BB models (8100, 8300 and 8700 series) have an Intel 312 MHz processor, 64 MB flash memory and 16 MB SDRAM memory. Qualcomm chipsets with up to 256 MB of flash memory are used in models with an ARM 9 processor.

Operating System

This mobile phone uses a proprietary operating system developed by BlackBerry Limited.

RIM provides a multitasking operating system for BlackBerry, allowing extensive use of input devices found on phones, particularly the scroll wheel and trackpad.

The operating system on the device provides support for Java MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2. Previous versions allowed wireless synchronization for email, calendar, and Lotus Domino email with Microsoft Exchange Server.

The current OS 5.0 provides a subset of MIDP 2.0 and provides full wireless activation and synchronization with Exchange email, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts, and adds support for Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes.

General Features

  1. Phone calls by mobile phone.
  2. Text message exchange
  3. Instant e-mail service.
  4. Instant messaging system via chat or post style.
  5. A large number of applications to complete the functions of the equipment.
  6. Photographic camera.
  7. Video camera.
  8. Multimedia player.
  9. It has an agenda, a notebook, a to-do list.
  10. Support for the attached files.
  11. GPS (Global Positioning System).
  12. Bluetooth.
  13. Wi-Fi connection.
  14. Some models also have a TV.

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