How to Use Sysprep in Windows 10

With Sysprep (System Preparation Tool), you can easily duplicate Windows systems. Computers with the same hardware in an environment can save time by replicating and seamlessly modifying the SID numbers of user accounts with Sysprep.

How to Use Sysprep in Windows 10

How to Use Sysprep in Windows Operating System

Using Sysprep on the Win 10 operating system is relatively easy. In the previous article, we discussed what Sysprep is in Microsoft Windows systems. In this article, we will change the user account SID numbers with Sysprep.

A computer cloned with Sysprep can be easily transferred to a computer/laptop with the same hardware.

If you have multiple computers with the same hardware, you can copy this image to other computers after generalizing your system using Sysprep after you have made all the necessary settings on one computer.

How to Change SID Number in Windows 10

First of all, check the SID numbers of the existing users and then verify the action you have taken after changing the SID of a computer using Sysprep.

   Step 1

Let’s look at the SID numbers of user accounts in the operating system. This information will change after the Sysprep process.

To find user SID numbers in Windows 10, run the following command at the CMD command prompt.

wmic useraccount get name, sid

Press Windows + R to open the Run.

wmic useraccount get name, sid

   Step 2

In the Run window, type Sysprep and press OK.

Windows Run

   Step 3

After viewing the location of the program, run it as an administrator.

Run as adminstrator

   Step 4

After running the System Preparation Tool, select Generalize and click OK.

System Preparation Tool

   Step 5

Sysprep is preparing the system.

System Tool

   Step 6

After the Sysprep process is complete, your computer will restart.

Starting Windows

   Step 7

Wait while preparing devices.

Getting Devices Ready

   Step 8

After setting the Country, Language, Keyboard, and Time zone, click on the Next button.

Country, Language, and Keyboard Settings

   Step 9

Windows 10 gives us information about the license information. Click on the Accept button to continue.

Accept License Agreement

   Step 10

Continue by selecting Use Express Settings.

Express Settings

   Step 11

Wait while preparing Windows 10.

Just a moment

   Step 12

To open an account on a local domain, select the option below.

Join a Local Active Directory

   Step 13

In the Choose how you’ll connect window, click Next.

Local Active Directory

   Step 14

Enter a new username for the Windows 10 operating system and click on the Next button.

Create an Account for this PC

   Step 15

If you want to accept the Cortana feature, click on the Use Cortana button. Continue by clicking the Not Now button to bypass the Windows 10 Cortana feature.

Use Cortana

   Step 16

Windows 10 is preparing the operating system interface.

We're happy you're here

   Step 17

If you compare SID numbers after your computer is turned on, you can see that they are different.

User Account SID Number

How to Use System Preparation Tool ⇒ Video

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In this article, we’ve examined how to configure Sysprep. With this feature, after you create a Windows 10 custom image, you can deploy it to other computers. Thanks for following us!

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