How to Install SecureCRT on Windows 10

In this article, we will configure SecureCRT terminal program on Windows operating system, which is used frequently in system and network management and provides secure management of devices such as Router and Server.

How to Install SecureCRT on Windows 10

How to Setup SecureCRT on Windows 10

What is SecureCRT?

It is a Windows Terminal emulator that supports SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, Rlogin, Serial, TAPI and RAW protocols developed by VanDyke Software.

The latest version of program for Windows operating systems is 8.7.2.

What Does it Do?

It secures data for administrator user accounts when configuring a device. With this software, you can manage your network and maximize your information security.

It also supports SSH2, SSH1, Telnet, Serial, and Raw protocols on all platforms. On a Windows operating system, it supports only Telnet/TLS, RLogin and TAPI protocols.

How to Download it?

You can download and install it for Windows, Linux and macOS systems. People who want to download it for Windows can visit this site and download it according to the platform feature of their computer.

NOTE: I recommend that you purchase a license after 30 days of free use of this program.

How to Configure VanDyke Terminal Emulator

There are two different versions of this software;

  1. You can download it as a single package.
  2. You can download as a single package with CRT + FX versions.

In this article, we will use the CRT + FX installation package. Please follow the steps below to install this program step-by-step on your computer.

You can also build SecureCRT on Ubuntu…

   Step 1

Run the SecureCRT.exe installation file as an administrator.

Run as Administrator

   Step 2

Extracting the Msi installation package…

Preparing Setup

   Step 3

In the InstallShield Wizard window, click the Next button to start the installation.

VanDyke Wizard Window

   Step 4

Accept the license agreement for the VanDyke software and click Next.

Accepting License Agreement

   Step 5

In the Profile Options, it is recommended to select the Personal Profile option to protect your personal data. Select the profile you want to use and click Next.

Personal Profile

   Step 6

In the Setup Type, select Complete and click the Next button.

Setup Type

   Step 7

Check the following options for the application icons and click Next.

  • Create a program group
  • Add a desktop shortcut

Select Application Icon Options

   Step 8

In this step, after confirming the installation settings and location, click the Install button.

Ready to Install the Program

   Step 9

After completing the program’s installation, click Finish.

InstallShield Wizard Completed

   Step 10

Double-click on the shortcut created on your desktop to run the terminal program.

Starting Software

   Step 11

You can use it for 30 days free of charge. To accept the license agreement, click the I Agree button.

30 Days Remaining

   Step 12

To set a password for the security purpose when you run the terminal software, select With a configuration passphrase and set a password and click OK.

If you want to run it without prompting for a password, check the Without a configuration passphrase option and complete the setup.

Without a configuration passphrase

   Step 13

The first opening view of the program is as follows. Close the Quick Connect window.

Quick Connect

   Step 14

After completing the VanDyke installation, you can check the version of the program from the Help / About section.

VanDyke Software Version

How to Create a New Session to Connect to an ADSL Modem/Router

Using SecureCRT is pretty simple and easy. For example, you can configure a Telnet connection to connect and configure your ADSL Modem.

Follow these steps to create a new session in the terminal emulator.

With this program, you can also connect and configure network devices such as Cisco Router and Cisco Switch used in GNS3.

   Step 1

Open the terminal emulator program and click on the New Session button in Session Manager.

Session Manager

   Step 2

In the New Session Wizard window, in the Protocol section, select Telnet and click Next.

Selecting Telnet Protocol

   Step 3

Configure the IP address, Port number and Firewall settings of the device you want to connect to, and then click Next.

Hostname and Port

   Step 4

If you want to make a Telnet connection to an ADSL Modem only, configure SecureFX Protocol as None and click Next.

SecureFX Protocol

   Step 5

Type a name and description for the new session and click the Finish button.

Launching Session

   Step 6

Double-click on the connection you created in the Sessions section.


   Step 7

As you can see in the picture below, we connected to the ADSL Modem through the local network.

ADSL Modem Connection

How to Use Terminal Emulator ⇒ Video

To better understand how to use this program, you can watch the video below and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

Today, IT administrators attach great importance to performance and security when configuring a network device. Therefore, instead of using standard terminal software, they prefer SecureCRT and SecureFX programs more. Thanks for following us!

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