How to Install Windows Vista in Hyper-V Manager

Microsoft released the Windows Vista operating system on January 30, 2007. Windows Vista was Codename Longhorn with x86 / x64 processor support.

How to Install Windows Vista in Hyper-V Manager

How to Run Windows Vista on a Virtual Machine using Hyper-V

Before the release of Windows Vista, Windows Longhorn released with the beta version. Windows Longhorn is a beta release developed after Windows XP.

The Windows Aero feature was first introduced with Windows Vista. In addition, DirectX 10 support was introduced with Vista. In addition, we’ve heard about Windows Sidebar for the first time with Vista.

Microsoft maintained 10 years of support for Windows Vista and terminated its support on April 11, 2017.

Nowadays, installing Windows Vista on a computer is very unreasonable behavior. As a result, Microsoft terminated Vista’s update support.

However, it would be wise to install and try Windows Vista on a virtual machine using virtualization programs.

In our previous articles, we examined the installation of Windows operating systems using the HyperV Manager virtualization program. In this article, we will install Windows Vista using HyperV on Windows 10.

If you would like to install the above mentioned operating systems by watching the videos on our YouTube channel, you can access the related videos from the links below.

How to Install Windows Vista with HyperV on Windows 10

After briefly discussing the history of Windows Vista, let’s review the installation steps. Now, after creating a new virtual machine with the HyperV program, we will install Windows Vista step by step.

If you do not have HyperV installed on your computer, you can install it from the links below.

   Step 1

From the Windows menu, run Hyper-V Manager.

Running Hyper-V

   Step 2

In the Hyper-V Actions area, click New, and then click Virtual Machine.

Hyper-V Actions Panel

   Step 3

Type a name for the Windows Vista virtual machine and select Store the virtual machine in a different location to store the virtual machine in a different location and click Next.

Specifying Virtual Machine Name and Location

   Step 4

You can specify the amount of RAM you want for the Windows Vista virtual machine.

Memory Assignment

   Step 5

Set the 30 GB Hard Disk size for the virtual machine and click Next to continue the installation.

Connecting to a Virtual Hard Disk

   Step 6

If you do not have the Windows Vista ISO file, you can download it from the link at the bottom of the article. In the window below, click the Browse button to add the Windows ISO file and click Next.

Selecting an Image File

   Step 7

Click the Start button in the window below to start the installation.

Running the Virtual Computer

   Step 8

Select which version of Windows Vista you want to install in Windows Boot Manager and press Enter.

Windows Vista x86 Setup [EMS Enabled]

   Step 9

After the installation has started, click on the Install button to continue.

Instlal Now

   Step 10

Select Windows Vista Ultimate X86 and click Next.

Choosing Windows Vista Ultimate

   Step 11

Accept the Windows Vista license agreement and click Next.

Accepting the Windows Vista License Agreement

   Step 12

In the Installation Type window, click Custom (Advanced).

Windows Manual Installation

   Step 13

Format the 30 GB of space created for the virtual machine and create a new Partition. Select the Partition you created and click Next.

Disk Partitioning

   Step 14

Windows is preparing files for installation …

Expanding Files

   Step 15

Wait while Windows prepares your computer. The virtual machine will continue with the installation.

Wait While Setting Up Your Windows Computer

   Step 16

Completing Windows installation …

Completing Installation

   Step 17

Type your Windows Vista username.

Selecting a User Name and Image

   Step 18

Type the Computer Name for the Windows Vista machine and continue the installation.

Computer Name and Background

   Step 19

Select Use recommended settings.

Use Recommended Settings

   Step 20

Set the operating system time zone and click Next.

Configuring the Time Zone

   Step 21

Restart the operating system by clicking the Start button.

Thank You

   Step 22

Windows configures your computer’s performance settings …

Connect and Communicate Like Never Before

   Step 23

Preparing Win Vista Desktop …

Preparing your desktop

   Step 24

After the virtual machine restarts, it gives a Boot error. To resolve this issue, restart the virtual machine and press F8 to enter the Windows recovery mode.

Press any key to boot from CD or DVD

   Step 25

Press Enter on the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt

   Step 26

Loading Windows files for safe mode …

Loading Windows Files

   Step 27

In the Install Windows window, click Next.

Install Windows

   Step 28

Searching Windows installation files …

System Recovery Options

   Step 29

In the System Recovery Options window, click Next.

Microsoft Windows Vista

   Step 30

Click Command Prompt.

Command Prompt

   Step 31

To resolve the boot issue, perform the following commands at the command prompt, and restart the virtual machine.

1 - bootrec /fixmbr
2 - bootrec /fixboot

bootrec /fixmbr

   Step 32

After restarting the Windows Vista virtual machine, the operating system will start working properly!

Windows Vista Desktop View

   Step 33

Use View / Fullscreen to make the virtual machine full screen.

Virtual Machine Full Resolution

How to Install Windows Vista Step by Step ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below for step-by-step installation of WinVista and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

In this article, we have completed the installation of Windows Vista Ultimate X86 operating system using Microsoft virtualization program on Windows 10 operating system. Thanks for following us!

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ISO File Download

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