How to Install Windows 7 in Hyper-V Manager

Hyper-V software is a virtualization program developed by Microsoft. Although Hyper-V is a completely free program, it is a very successful virtualization solution.

How to Install Windows 7 in Hyper-V Manager

How to Install Windows 7 using Hyper-V

Before installing Windows operating systems with Hyper-V, you must create a new virtual machine. Creating a new virtual machine with Microsoft Hyper-V is easy and simple. Hyper-V includes as a feature in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems.

There are two ways to enable Hyper-V on Windows systems. These;

  1. Enabling Hyper-V with Powershell
  2. Enabling Hyper-V with CMD

If you have not already installed the Hyper-V Manager, you can install it from the links above.

After installing the Hyper-V Manager, we will create a new virtual machine and step by step to install Win7 Ultimate operating system.

In our previous article, we reviewed the steps to install Windows 10 with Hyper-V;

How to Install Windows 7 in Virtual Machine

Follow the steps below to install Windows 7 step by step.

   Step 1

On Windows 10, start Hyper-V Manager.

Starting the Hyper-V Program

   Step 2

On the Microsoft virtual machine program, click Virtual Machine.

Virtual Machine Setup

   Step 3

Type Windows 7 as the virtual machine name and select Store the virtual machine in a different location to install the operating system in a different location, then specify the location you want to install and click Next to continue the installation.

VM Name and Location Setting

   Step 4

In the Hyper-V Generation setting, select Generation 1 and click Next.

Determining the Generation of the Virtual Machine

   Step 5

Depending on your physical computer, you can set a high RAM setting for the operating system to be installed. If your computer has 8 GB or 16 RAM, you can specify 4096 (4 GB) of RAM for the Windows 7 virtual machine.

After completing the virtual machine RAM setting, click the Next button.

Assigning Virtual RAM

   Step 6

Since the Windows 7 virtual pc network adapter is not defined, click Next to continue the installation.

Network Configuration

   Step 7

For a Windows 7 machine, you simply specify an average size of 30 GB Hard Disk. After you have configured the disk size, click Next to continue.

Creating a New Virtual Disk

   Step 8

After the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system has downloaded the ISO file to your computer, add the ISO file in the Installation Options window and click Next.

Selecting an Image File

   Step 9

After you have successfully created the Windows 7 virtual machine, click Finish to skip the summary information of the virtual machine.

Virtual Machine Summary Information

   Step 10

Connect to the virtual machine with the Connect option to start the installation.

Operating the Virtual Machine

   Step 11

Click the Start button to start the Windows 7 operating system installation.

Start Virtual Computer

   Step 12

Starting Windows installation …

Windows Starts

   Step 13

Select your Windows 7 system language and keyboard layout and click Next.

Configuring the Keyboard Layout

   Step 14

Click Install Now to continue the installation.

Install Now

   Step 15

Accept the Windows 7 license agreement and click Next.

Accepting the Windows 7 License Agreement

   Step 16

Click the Custom option for advanced installation.

Advanced Setup

   Step 17

In the virtual machine Hard Disk setup window, we set the HDD size to 30 GB. In this step, format the HDD and add a new Partition.

Then select HDD Partition 2 and click Next.

Disk Partition Settings

   Step 18

Preparing files for Windows installation …

Expanding Files

   Step 19

After the necessary files have copied, you will see the Win7 user screen as follows. In this step, define a name for the user name and computer name and click Next to continue the installation.

Specifying Computer Name

   Step 20

If you want to set a password, create your password on this screen. If you do not want to define a password, click Next to continue.

Setting a Password for Your Account

   Step 21

Select the Time Zone for the operating system and click Next.

Configuring Time and Date Settings

   Step 22

Windows completes the settings …

Windows 7 Ultimate

   Step 23

You can access the system information by clicking the Right Button / Properties on my computer.

Viewing Windows 7 System Properties

How to Install Microsoft Win7 on PC ⇒ Video

To install Windows 7 using HyperV on Windows 10, you can watch the video below and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

In this article, we have reviewed how to install Windows 7 Ultimate with Microsoft’s virtualization software. In our next articles, we will install other Windows operating systems. Thanks for following us!

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