How to Fix Windows Protection Error in Windows 95 on VirtualBox

In this article, we will examine step by step how to fix the Protection Error error for Win95 virtual machine running on the Oracle VM VirtualBox virtualization program.

How to Fix Windows 95 Protection Error

How to Fix Windows Protection Error

If you encounter this error when installing Windows 95, an older operating system, using the Oracle VM VBox virtualization program on the VM, the solution to this fault is quite simple.

After completing the installation of Win 95 on VirtualBox, you will see a mistake “While initializing device OS: Win Protection Error. You need to restart your computer.” failure when the setup restarts the virtual machine to finish the last steps.

This fault can often be due to incompatible hardware drivers, unsupported hardware, or startup apps.

For VM Protection Failure resolution, we will fix this problem by turning off VT-x from the VM settings.

In our previous article, we did a step-by-step Win 95 installation using Oracle VM VBox.

How to Repair Boot Error in Win 95/98/2000

When you look at the image below, you will be able to see this error better. This error causes a boot error when you want to use the Win95, Win98 or Win2000 operating system with Oracle VM VBox. Because, according to today’s operating systems, virtualization programs are being developed.

Protection Error

   Step 1

First, completely shut down the Win 95 VM. Click X (Close) to close the VM and select Power off the machine option in the Close VM window that opens and click the OK button.

Shutdown Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

   Step 2

Click the Right Key / Settings on Windows 95 from the VirtualBox VM partition. In the Windows 95 settings window, first, click System and in the right pane, on the Acceleration tab, clear the Enable VT-x / AMD-V checkbox against Hardware VT-x and click the OK button.

VirtualBox Virtualization Settings

   Step 3

When you reboot the Win 95 VM, you will see this error resolved. As a result, check the Enable VT-x / AMD-V option when you encounter this error when running older Microsoft operating systems on VT-x programs.

Welcome to Windows 95

   Final Word

In this article, we have fixed the Win 95/98/200 Boot Error that we encounter when installed Windows 95 with Oracle VM VBox. Thanks for following us!

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  1. Avatar for Mark Mark 9 June 2019

    Hi, Ive tried what you suggested, but with no luck.
    I am running VirtualBox 5.2.30
    on a iMac running 10.13.4 (High Sierra)
    Using Win95_OSR25.ISO

    1 Starting Windows 95
    2 Start up menu
    3 While initializing device IOS: Windows protection error. you need to restart your computer.
    I cant get any further

  2. Avatar for Terry Terry 18 July 2019

    Greetings Mark,
    I find that you have to first turn off the Enable Nested Paging option, then you can turn off the Enable VT-X option. If you try turning off the Enable VT-x option first, you will get an invalid setting error and the settings will not save.

  3. Avatar for brian brian 25 September 2019

    terry can you help me I get that windows protection error using windows 95 and VMware station looked every were for VT-X option hard disk

  4. Avatar for KKSixtyFour KKSixtyFour 7 December 2020

    I am on VirtualBox 6.1.16 and can’t find the option.


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