How to Enable WiFi Adapter in Lenovo Laptop

On Lenovo Laptops, we usually use the Fn + F5 buttons to enable the Wi-Fi wireless network adapter. However, in some cases, the wireless card feature becomes unusable due to system or hardware errors.

How to Enable WiFi Adapter in Lenovo Laptop

How to Activate WiFi Adapter in Lenovo Laptop

WiFi problems caused by operating system errors can usually be resolved by driver updates. If you have updated your wireless network card and are still experiencing the same problem, you will need to search for other solutions.

For Lenovo branded laptops, the WiFi card is disabled due to the bios battery usually removed during computer cleaning. As a result, you may not be able to use your wireless card after computer maintenance.

When you reinstall the removed bios battery, you will see that the WiFi card is not activated. In order to enable WiFi adapter in Lenovo PC, you must install the stable software of the manufacturer on your computer.

If the notebook manufacturer does not release Drivers that support the new operating system for older models, you should spend some time searching for compatible drivers over the Internet. To turn on Lenovo wireless card, you will need Lenovo’s Energy Management software.

How to Turn on Wireless Card on Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo Laptop owners using Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and Windows 7 operating systems need the Energy Management software to turn on the wireless feature.

To solve the wireless feature off problem, you need to have Lenovo Energy Management program installed. If you have installed the most up-to-date version of Lenovo Energy Management, the Fn + F5 buttons may not work on your computer. Or, you may not have the option to Enable Wi-Fi in the settings of the Energy Management program.

So, with the Lenovo Energy Management 6.0 version, you will need to solve this problem. The Lenovo Energy Management 6.0 program supports many older models of Lenovo branded computers.

Now, let’s install Lenovo Energy Management 6.0 for Lenovo wireless feature off problem solution.

   Step 1

You can see the wireless feature is turned off in the following image. First, download Lenovo Energy Management from the button at the bottom of the article to your computer to activate WiFi card.

Wi-Fi Turned Off

   Step 2

After downloading the program, run the program as an administrator and click on the Next button.

Energy Management Wizard

   Step 3

Accept the software’s license agreement and click on the Next button.

Energy Management License Agreement

   Step 4

Finally, click on the Install button to start the program installation.

Install the Software

   Step 5

Installing Lenovo Energy Management program…

Installing Energy Management

   Step 6

After you install the program successfully, restart your Lenovo computer.

Restart PC

   Step 7

Open the Lenovo Energy Management program. After you open the program, press Fn + F5 keys to open the Wireless Device Settings window.

As you see in the picture below, Wireless Network Card is Off. Click ON to turn on the wireless feature.

Lenovo Wireless Device Settings

   Step 8

The Lenovo WiFi feature turned on. Now check your wireless connection.

Wireless Network Card

   Step 9

Your wireless card will automatically connect to your network as soon as you turn on the wireless network card that it the off state.

Connecting to Wifi

   Step 10

Finally, activate the Bluetooth device.

Enable Bluetooth

How to Manage Wireless Network on Lenovo ⇒ Video

To enable WiFi on Lenovo Laptops, you can watch the video below and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us…

   Final Word

You can uninstall the program from your computer after you have successfully solved the Lenovo wireless feature off problem with this program. Thanks for following us!

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   Download Lenovo Energy Management Software 6.0

You can download the Energy Management software from the following button…

Download Program


  1. Avatar for Habiram PG Habiram PG 2 June 2019

    You are my savior, I’ve been trying to fix this problem for 3 f* months! And now its solved! TY! You’re awesome!

  2. Avatar for JAN JAN 9 July 2019

    This laptop I have used it only a hand full of times and issues after issues, now no wifi access. I have done everything including the above and nothing has worked. How can no one put out a notices to all consumers that Lenovo it’s the most horrible piece of equipment ever., And in simple words .>SUCKS big time.

    • Avatar for tolqabaqci tolqabaqci 9 July 2019

      Your computer’s Wi-Fi hardware may be malfunctioning. Can you test again with a new Wi-Fi device?

  3. Avatar for Mahesh Mahesh 18 December 2019

    Thank you so much my wifi works now , You are a real master of this issue – Appreciate your help!

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 1 June 2020

      I am very glad that you have resolved your problem. Also thank you for your nice comment.

  4. Avatar for alexander alexander 28 May 2020

    after downloading my laptop still can not open the software

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 28 May 2020

      Hello, what is your laptop model?

  5. Avatar for Cesar Cesar 1 June 2020

    Hi there! I’ve followed your instructions twice. After I install the program and restart the computer I can’t get the program to open. When I try pressing FN + F5, all it does is dim the display’s brightnexx. My laptop is a Lenovo Legion Y530 (Model name: 81FV). I’m running Windows 10 Home. Please help!

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 1 June 2020

      Hello Cesar!

      Download the Energy Management software for Lenovo Legion Y530 model here, then install it after removing the previous installation from the computer. Restart your computer and you can enable Wi-Fi by pressing the FN + F8 button.

      The solution method here is the method not related to the driver problem. If you have just installed the operating system, download and install the Wi-Fi driver here according to the model of your laptop (Legion Y530).

      After doing this, I would be glad if you inform me.

  6. Avatar for Asim Asim 3 June 2020

    After downloading the software, nothing happens. It is asking about app to downlaod, but what app?
    R you serious about what you are saying?

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 3 June 2020

      I did not understand what you did not understand. Write to me the model of your computer.

  7. Avatar for Mango Mango 14 June 2020

    I installed the software without any errors, but after install&restart all it does when I try to open the software, is a white star in a yellow circle appearing in the notification area. Unfortunately it is disappearing if I try to click on it.
    Model: T430
    Type: 2349

    Do you have any advise?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Avatar for Touhid Touhid 27 June 2020

    I have above problem, and try using this process you told but my problem is still not fix

    • Avatar for Tolga Bagci Tolga Bagci 27 June 2020

      If you write your computer model to me, I will try to help.


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