What is DNS (Domain Name System)? | How to Change DNS on Windows 10

In this article, after giving brief information about the DNS protocol, we will examine how to change its IP address on the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Change DNS on Windows 10

What is DNS?

This protocol is an acronym for Domain Name System, which stores the addresses of visited websites and converts the IP addresses into Host Names.

All websites on the Internet have an IP address. For example, when you visit sysnettechsolutions.com, this service translates the website name into an IP address and forwards it to the server.

If this protocol did not exist, websites could only access with IP addresses. Therefore, the Domain Name System technology discovered, and instead of memorizing the IP address of a website, it was easier to visit it using only the name of the website.

Today, most people are not aware of using this protocol when visiting any site. The best example is the Contacts Directory application used on mobile phones. When storing a friend’s GSM number, you also save his name and last name, and when you want to make a call to him, you will only find and search his name on your mobile phone. As a result, this protocol works like a phone book.

DNS History

The Domain Name System is known as the basis for ARPANET network systems. It was then used to communicate computers on the network. ARPANET was configuring addresses in the Hosts.txt file on the operating system and was only manually updated.

DNS was discovered in 1983 by American scientist Paul Mockapetris.

Current DNS Addresses

The most widely used server should also be preferred; Google DNS.

Google DNS Addresses8.
Open DNS Addresses208.67.222.222208.67.220.220
Norton DNS Addresses198.153.192.1198.153.194.1
GTEI DNS Addresses4. / / / /
Yandex DNS Addresses77.
UyduNet DNS Addresses
DNSAdvantage Addresses

How to Change DNS Addresses on Windows PC

Changing DNS on Windows operating systems is very easy. You only need to do this by setting up the network adapter to which you connected to the Internet.

To change DNS addresses on your computer, follow the steps below in order.

   Step 1

On the Windows 10 desktop, right-click the WiFi icon, and then click Network and Sharing Center.

Ağ ve Paylaşım Merkezi

   Step 2

In the window that opens, click on your active network adapter.

WiFi Ağını Yapılandırma

   Step 3

Then the properties of your network card will open as in the following window. In this window, click the Properties button.

WiFi Tercihler

   Step 4

In the advanced settings of your network card, select TCP/IPv4 and click Properties.

TCP/IPv4 Ayarları

   Step 5

In the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) window, you can configure your DNS addresses. For example; / IP addresses address Google’s servers.

Alttaki Adresleri Kullan

How to Configure DNS Settings in Windows 10 using CMD

Follow the steps below to configure the domain name system addresses on your Windows computer using the CMD command prompt.

   Step 1

To see the names of the network adapters on your computer, execute “wmic nic get NetConnectionID” at the CMD prompt.

wmic nic get NetConnectionID


The network adapters listed in the following picture may be different for you. Identify the network adapter to which you connected to the Internet. For example; Wi-Fi.

wmic nic get NetConnectionID

   Step 2

After you specify the network adapter whose address you want to change, type “netsh” in the CMD and press Enter.

To type in Google addresses, execute the commands below.

netsh>interface ip set dns name="Wi-Fi" source="static" address=""
netsh>interface ip add dns name="Wi-Fi" addr="" index=2

Netsh Komutu

DNS Settings on ADSL Modem/Router

In the above steps, we have manually configured the network adapter on a desktop or laptop to replace existing addresses with Google addresses. Now, we will examine how to assign DNS addresses to computers that receive automatic IP addresses through the ADSL Modem.

After changing the server addresses on a Router/Modem, you must select the Automatically Obtain DNS Server Address option in the TCP/IP settings of computers on the network.

If you configure these server addresses on your device, a URL request on the local network will process with the server addresses on the device.

Follow the steps below to configure the name server settings of an ADSL modem or Router.

   Step 1

Open a web browser on your computer and type the default gateway IP address of your ADSL Modem or Router in the URL and press Enter.

Type your user name and password in the ADSL Modem’s administration panel and click Login.

TP-LINK Yönetici Arayüzü

   Step 2

Click the Network button in the TP-LINK administration panel.

TP-LINK Ağ Ayarları

   Step 3

You can see the interface to which you connected to the Internet in the WAN Settings window. Click Edit in this window.

WAN Ayarlarını Düzenleme

   Step 4

In the WAN Service Setup area, click Advanced.

Gelişmiş Ayarlar

   Step 5

After enabling the option below, type the addresses you want to use in the active text boxes and click the Save button to save the settings.

Manuel DNS Adresi Ayarları

How to Configure DNS on a Computer ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to change your computer’s name server addresses and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.

   Final Word

In this article, we have discussed how to make Internet settings on a Windows 10 PC. We have also examined how it is done with the CMD command prompt. Thanks for following us!

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