How to Change System Language on Windows 10

Changing the system language of the operating system you are using is very simple. However, when you change the system display language, the Settings of Windows 10 may seem a little confusing.

How to Change System Language on Windows 10

How to Change Display Language in Windows 10 PC

Before proceeding with the steps to add a language pack to the system, you need to check the Windows Update service from its services.

To check the Windows Update service, press the Windows Key + R and type services.msc in the Run window and press Enter. Find the Windows Update service in the Services window, and double-click on it and you should see the “Running” output in the Service Status section.

If the Windows Update service is not running, you need to enable it automatically.

How to Add a New Language Pack to Windows 10

After checking the Windows Update service, you must first open Settings to change your display language. To do this, click the Windows Key and type Settings in the search field, find and run the service.

Follow the steps below to configure the Windows system language settings.

   Step 1

After opening the Settings, go to Home / Time and Language / Region and Language. To add the language you want to use in your PC, click Add a Language in the Languages ​​section.

Regin & Language / Add a Language

   Step 2

After pressing Add language button, you will see more than one language. Type the display language you want to use in the Add Language search box, and then select your language.

If the regional languages ​​for your selected language lists in this step, make a selection of your location. For example, English (USA) or English (CA)

Add a Language / English

   Step 3

After configuring the language in which you want to use Windows, click the Set as Default button. Then click on Additional date, time, & regional settings to download the system language you have configured over the Internet.

Additional Date, Time & Regional Settings

   Step 4

In the Time, Language, and Region window, click Language.

Language Settings

   Step 5

In the Change Your Language Preferences window, click Options on the language that you selected as the system language.

Change your language preferences

   Step 6

After you click Options, as you can see in the image below, for the Windows 10 system language, the Windows Update Service will start and download the selected language pack.

In this window, Windows language pack download will take place. When you restart your computer after you have downloaded your Windows display language, you can now see that your language has changed.

Connect to the Internet to check for language packs

How to Download and Install the Language Pack in Windows ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to change your Windows system language and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.

   Final Word

To change the operating system from any language to English you must check that the Windows Update Service is running and that you connected to the Internet. Thanks for following us!

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