What is DHCP? | How to Enable DHCP on Windows 10

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a service that assigns an IP address, DNS address, gateway IP address, and subnet mask to all computers on the computer network.
How to Enable DHCP on Windows 10

What is DHCP?

What is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) ?: With this protocol, a computer on the network receives the necessary TCP/IP information from a server or router. If you try to manually configure TCP/IP information for all computers on the network, it is recommended you to use DHCP because you will need a lot of time.

After you configure a DHCP server in your network structure, you can automatically assign TCP/IP settings to all computers. If you have WiFi-enabled devices on your network, they will also automatically receive TCP/IP information from your server.

A DHCP server-enabled server or router cannot assign an IP address to any computer that has a Static IP address configured on the network.

All devices on the same network can access the pool of IP addresses that you configure on your ADSL Router or on a local DHCP server. However, you must enable this service to assign automatic IP addresses on these devices.

For example, in this article, we will enable DHCP to obtain an automatic IP address from the ADSL Router on a laptop or desktop computer.

How it Works?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol operation consists of 4 steps. These are Discover, Offer, Request, and ACK.

These packets are required to configure TCP/IP information between the server and the client.

DHCP Discover

A new computer joining the network sends a Discover message to locate the server. Once the computer has found the server, the Request starts.

DHCP Offer

After the server on the network receives the Discover packet, it sends a Offer packet to the client to send an IP address.

DHCP Request

The computer sending the Offer message sends a Request message back to the server. The computer acknowledges and accepts the IP address with this message.


The server receives the Request packet and sends the ACK packet to assign TCP/IP information to the client, and the process ends.

How to Enable DHCP on the ADSL Modem/Router

If you are a home user and are using an ADSL Modem, you must enable the DHCP server on your device to assign an automatic IP address to clients on your network.

   Step 1

To enable the DHCP server on the TP-Link W8980 ADSL Router, first enter the default gateway IP address in your web browser, press Enter, and then click DHCP Server.

TP-LINK / IP Server

   Step 2

If this option is disabled, click Enable to reactivate it.

Enabling Server

   Step 3

After enabling the server, you can specify which IP addresses to use on the network.

The following screenshot is set to assign values ​​between and After entering the DNS addresses, save the settings.

TP-LINK TCP/IP Configuration

   Step 4

If you look at the IP addresses assigned by the DHCP server, you can see that the Android phone receives the IP address

 Clients List

Automatic IP Address Settings and Configuration on Windows 10

For DHCP settings, you must configure your network adapter from the Network and Sharing Center.

Follow these steps in order for a computer to obtain an automatic IP address from the server.

   Step 1

The first step in enabling DHCP is to open the Network and Sharing Center. As shown in the picture below, you can immediately access the network and the sharing center after clicking the Wireless icon.

Network and Sharing Center

   Step 2

Click the WiFi card or Ethernet card you connected. Then, the WiFi status window will open.

WiFi Network Settings

   Step 3

After the WiFi Status opens, click the Properties button. The WiFi properties window will open.

Wi-Fi Status

   Adım 4

In the WiFi Properties window, select IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) and click the Properties button.

Wi-Fi TCP/IP Settings

   Step 5

The settings in the following image are statically set. You can enter the desired IP address manually. In this screen, we can enable DHCP service to get an IP address from the modem..

For TCP/IP settings on Windows 10, select the option in the following image. After selecting Automatically set IP address, the Obtain an IP address automatically option will be enabled.

Obtain an IP address automatically

   Step 6

After setting the IP settings to be automatically retrieved from the server, click OK to save the settings.

Obtain an IP address automatically

   Step 7

After enabling client service, click on your WiFi card and automatically check the TCP/IP information you receive.

Network Connection Details

What Happens If DHCP Is Turned Off?

As you can see, the system settings for getting the IP address automatically are very easy. However, TCP/IP settings must configure correctly. If this protocol is disabled, computers on the network cannot automatically obtain an IP address. If you have 150-200 computers in a network environment, you must configure the server. Otherwise, you must manually configure the IP address and other information.

If this protocol is turned off, you must manually configure TCP/IP. In the above steps, you can examine the IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS IP addresses assigned to a computer. If this protocol is turned off in a network environment with 200 computers, the computers cannot receive TCP/IP information and communicate.

How to Configure DHCP on an ADSL Modem ⇒ Video

To enable the DHCP server on the ADSL Router and configure automatic IP addresses, you can watch the video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.

   Final Word

In this article, we have examined the steps to configure the DHCP server on an ADSL Modem or Router. And finally, we have assigned an IP address and the necessary information to a networked computer through this service. Thanks for following us!

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