How to Download Microsoft Project Honolulu for Windows Server 2019

Microsoft has released the Server 2019 Preview version as well as the Project Honolulu Technical Preview version in the Windows Insider Program.

How to Download Microsoft Project Honolulu

What is Microsoft Project Honolulu?

Microsoft’s Project Honolulu is a web-based Windows Server Management program that allows you to manage all administrative tools on a server centrally. With MS Honolulu, you can manage all your networked servers from a single location via a browser.

Once you have installed the Honolulu program, you will see the main screen showing the hardware components and resource usage on the server. When you connect to the Honolulu application, you will see that the Internet Explorer browser is not supported.

That’s why the Honolulu application supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Because Microsoft’s Honolulu project supports HTML5, you will be able to manage your servers from a single browser over the Internet.

For more information about Microsoft’s Honolulu Project, please visit

How to Download Project Honolulu for Server 2019

To download Microsoft Honolulu, you must first register for the Windows Insider Program. You can sign up for the Insider program with your personal Microsoft account.

You can register for the Windows Insider Program at

Once you have registered for the Insider program, you can follow the steps below to download Microsoft Honolulu.

   Step 1

In the Windows Insider Program interface, scroll down the scroll bar.

Windows Server Insider Preview

   Step 2

To download Honolulu software, click on the Technical Preview 1803 version.

Project Honolulu Technical Preview 1803

   Step 3

The Honolulu app for Server 2019 will begin downloading as follows. Finally, make sure that the name and extension of the program are HonoluluTechnicalPreview1803.msi.


How to Install MS Honolulu in Windows Server 2019 ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to set up and manage the Honolulu project step by step on the Windows server, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.


In this article, we have reviewed how to download Project Honolulu, Microsoft’s free program for Server 2019 Technical Preview. In the following article, we will discuss the steps to install Honolulu on the server.

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