How to Change Cisco Router Name in GNS3

By changing the device names of your Router or Switch in your network topology, you can avoid complexity and have a more detailed network design.

How to Change Cisco Router Name in GNS3

How to Use the Hostname Command in Router

In a growing network, configuring the names of devices according to their location prevents both complexity and faster resolution of network errors that may occur.

For example, suppose your headquarters is named A, and you have branches in 2 different cities. When you define these cities as B and C, you can have a more organized structure by changing the name of the Router in center A to ARouter.

Now, to change the label of a Router on the network, open your GNS3 simulator, and create a new project and then add a Router to the workspace.

After running your router in GNS3, double-click on it to open the CLI prompt.

At the CLI prompt, the router’s title will default to R1#. When you add one or more devices to the working environment, the device’s name will be named R2, R3, R4.

At the CLI prompt, execute the Configure Terminal command to switch to Global Configuration Mode, and then use the hostname + (name) command to rename the Router.

R1# configure terminal
R1(config)# hostname ?
R1(config)# hostname ARouter

Hostname Command

To learn how to use the hostname command in the CLI, use the ” ? ” character. Note that this command only works in config mode!

How to Change Cisco Router Hostname ⇒ Video

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   Final Word

In this article, we have examined how to use the hostname command, which is the easiest setting to configure on a network device, but which causes trouble in a growing network. Thanks for following us!

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