What is BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network)? | Features and Usage Areas

The BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) technology is a satellite network that offers fast voice and data connections. It uses small terminals that are similar in size to a laptop.

What is BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network)?

What is BGAN Technology?

BGAN technology has different ways to use it depending on your needs. You can use its portable terminals both inside and outside. Cars have a terminal inside and an antenna on the roof for positioning.

This mobile satellite service is the only one that can send data and voice at the same time on a portable device. This service guarantees data rates for live video streaming and teleconferencing.

They are usually for mobile use on land but can also work as a fixed satellite link in marine settings.

BGAN Terminals

You can use small and light satellite terminals to access the BGAN service. These terminals offer different performance options to meet your needs.

You can easily carry terminals and use them indoors or outdoors. They are tough and can handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Vehicle systems have two parts: a terminal inside and a monitoring antenna on the roof.

Smaller terminals are better suited for single-user environments where portability is essential. Endpoints with WLAN are significant for small teams who need a temporary office for a while.

Live broadcast applications need higher bandwidth, leading to increased user usage. Furthermore, BGAN terminals can connect to satellites in any covered country. It eliminates the need to alter program or service schedules.

Features of BGAN Networks

It allows high-speed wireless IP data and loop-connected networking. The steady data flow rate keeps the service running smoothly without any interruptions. It is a significant advantage because it doesn’t disrupt shared services.

The terminal is small and light and comes with useful accessories. The BGAN Launchpad program helps manage all airports. LaunchPad allows you to control your connection type and access services. You can use call waiting, voicemail, and SMS for personal or business purposes.

Advantages of Broadband Global Area Network

Global Scope

BGAN works worldwide, including in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and North and South America. Users can access data applications quickly and make phone calls with a single BGAN device.


BGAN terminals can connect to laptops either through wires or wirelessly. It is ideal for single users or small groups.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to be an expert to use this service; it works on any device anywhere in the world. The user interface is the same on all terminals.

BGAN Applications

Remote Access

Access business info from LAN, WAN, and intranet networks, no matter the local network’s reliability.

VPN Connection

VPNs provide reliable and secure high-speed connections in corporate networks.

High-Speed Internet Access

It provides fast and reliable access to content and resources on the Web from anywhere within its coverage area.


It supports sending and receiving business or personal correspondence by email.

Video Streaming

It allows the streaming of high-size video files thanks to its high-speed data connections.

Digital Image Transfer

It enables the sending and receiving large digital image files via high-speed connections.


E-commerce service allows secure business transactions via VPNs or the Internet.

IP Connection

It provides interconnection with other network equipment via its Ethernet port.


It supports many forms of communication, such as voice, GPRS type, data streaming, and ISDN.

Video and Audio Streaming

We ensure instant and problem-free transmission of video and audio through our use of special channels.

Usage Areas


BGAN helps in emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorism, or fires. The portable BGAN device can function anywhere, regardless of location or conditions.


Organizations need to report news from remote locations. Additionally, journalists can use the BGAN device to present live information on time, as it has high data flow capability.

State Institution

Government agencies must send and receive vital information in hazardous locations. Furthermore, companies frequently send their employees to areas with high levels of volatility. Thus, the BGAN device plays a crucial role in situations where the flow of information is critical.


People widely use the BGAN device in unusual cases. It is helpful for banks and financial institutions in places with poor communication systems.

BGAN provides a reliable backup solution for terrestrial systems. Additionally, data delivery will not be interrupted or delayed, preventing abuse cases.


For those who live or work in remote areas, data collection and analysis training can be challenging to access. Educational institutions can connect students living in remote areas with BGAN.


BGAN can network remote areas and central offices. It allows for the seamless transmission of data, saving time and money. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to establish local main offices.


Travelers can now share their surroundings thanks to digital cameras and instant communication. They can do this by live broadcasting, enabling them to show their friends or family the environment in real-time.

BGAN technology also serves as a security tool for tourists, allowing them to communicate from anywhere in an emergency.

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