What is Repeater?

A repeater is an electronic device that receives a weak or low-level signal and retransmits at higher power or level so that longer distances can be switched off without distortion or tolerable distortion.

What is Repeater?

What is the Repeater Used to Extend a Computer Network Wirelessly?

Repeaters used in computer networks are a digital device that amplifies an input signal regardless of its analog or digital nature and raises, shapes resize, or combines any of these functions in an input digital signal for retransmission.


The repeater works at level 1 of the OSI model, that is, repeats all signals from one segment to another at the electrical level.

These devices isolate only between segments of electrical problems that may occur in some.

The maximum number of rung repeaters is four, but provided that the 2nd and 4th segments are IRL, that is, they do not have any connected equipment other than repeaters. Otherwise, the maximum number is 2 and connects 3 network segments.

The repeater has two ports that connect two Ethernet segments via transceivers. By installing different transceivers, it is possible to connect two parts of different physical environments and reduce the use of cables.

The repeater has at least one Ethernet output for the yellow cable and one Ethernet output for the phone.

With a modular repeater, you can centralize and configure all the cables in a building in different ways suitable for the environment and external connections.

These extenders have been developed to avoid mountains or other obstacles in signal transmission and to spread signals over longer distances. However, the features of this device vary depending on the structure and purpose you will create.

Where are Repeaters used?

These devices are often used in transcontinental and transcontinental cables because at these distances the attenuation of the attenuation signal is completely unacceptable.

It can be used in both copper cables carrying electrical signals and fiber optic cables carrying a light.

It is also used in radio communication services. A subset of these are repeaters used by radio amateurs.

Similarly, repeaters are used in point-to-point telecommunications connections through radio connections operating in the microwave range, such as those used to distribute television signals between production centers and different transmitters, or those used for telephony in telecommunication networks.

In optical communication, the term repeater is used to describe an item of equipment that receives an optical signal, converts it into electricity, reproduces it, and transmits it as an optical signal.

Since these devices convert the optical signal into electrical and re-optical, these devices are generally known as electro-optical repeaters.

For example, there are repeaters that transmit TV or radio signals. Others allow WiFi signals to be repeated and to increase their range.

It should be noted that in the case of repeaters working with digital signals, they are often called regenerators. This is because the output signal is actually a signal that is reproduced from the input.

Wi-Fi Repeater

A Wi-Fi signal extender is a handy network device that allows us to fully extend the scope of our Internet connection wirelessly, although there are models that can be connected to our wired router via an Ethernet port.

A WiFi repeater improves the quality and stability of the signal too weak areas without the Internet connection and therefore weak signals without a router.

A repeater, the most effective method of expanding the WiFi network, does not require complex configurations and is very simple to use.

Generally, to install a WiFi signal extender, you first plug the device and then press the WPS button for a certain time to synchronize with the Router, and then the installation is completed in about a minute.

A WiFi signal extender is responsible for repeating the router’s Internet connection and extending its range wirelessly.

The most basic models today operate under the WiFi N standard. It uses the 2.4 GHz channel and reaches a maximum speed of 300 Mbps. In addition, there are models that comply with the WiFi AC standard, operating on the 2.4 and 5 GHz channels.

Recommendations for the Wireless Signal Extender

As we said earlier, WiFi repeaters are very easy to use, but you can choose a product by examining which brands and models are stronger by taking care of the distances, and therefore their range is limited.

Most devices contain a signal indicator that helps find the most suitable settlement point, using this indicator you can find the most effective access point of your home or office.

When purchasing a device, it is important to consider our needs and budget. The most basic models with 300 Mbps WiFi N operating only in the 2.4 GHz band may be a good option to extend the scope of our connection with minimal cost, but to get the higher performance, WiFi of the device you choose to take advantage of the high data transfers offered by 5 GHz It must be compatible with AC.

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