How to Update Softwares in Ubuntu

Users of the new Linux-based Ubuntu operating system can easily update the software and packages on their computers without writing any code on the system.

How to Update Softwares in Ubuntu

How to Update Packages in Linux/Ubuntu

People using Ubuntu can easily update programs and packages installed on their computers. In order to update the programs installed on Ubuntu, they can update the applications such as Chrome and Wine installed on the system.

To update the softwares in Ubuntu, please see the steps below.

   Step 1

After installing Ubuntu with VMware Workstation, power on / run the virtual machine.

Starting Ubuntu Launcher

   Step 2

Click on the Launcher and type updater in the search field. Once you find Software Updater, run the program.


   Step 3

After the Ubuntu updater opens, it checks for updates.

Software Updater

   Step 4

The Ubuntu Updater is ready to download updates for programs on the system and click the Install Now button to start the update process.

Security Updates

   Step 5

You must type your root password before downloading updates. You will see the authentication window as in the image below.


   Step 6

Type your root password in this window and click the Authenticate button to continue.

Installing Updates

   Step 7

Installing the system package updates …

Downloading Required Packages

   Step 8

Extracting packages …

Reading Database

   Step 9

Installing Linux firmware package …

Installing Firmware Package

   Step 10

After the updates have been successfully completed, restart the virtual machine.

Restart Linux Computer

   Final Word

Although Ubuntu is a secure operating system, it may be helpful to update your programs and system updates frequently. In this article, we have upgraded programs and packages on Linux / Ubuntu operating system. Thanks for following us!

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