How to Install Wine on Ubuntu

If you are using a Linux-based Ubuntu operating system and need to use a Windows operating system-supported application, you can choose Wine, which is completely legal and free software.

How to Install Wine on Ubuntu

How to Install and Use Wine 6.0 on Ubuntu 20.10

Under normal circumstances, you cannot run a Windows application on Linux/Ubuntu. So, by using the program called Wine to run a Windows program on your system, you can install and run any program on your computer.

You can run Windows applications with WineHQ software on old and new distributions of Ubuntu. After installing this program, you can install programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop on your computer and run them easily.

In this article, we going to examine how to install WineHQ step by step on Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions.

The latest version of the Wine software is 6.0. The WineHQ team released Wine 6.0 Stable, Devel, and Staging versions on January 21, 2021.

How to Install Wine 6.0

The most current version of the Linux/Ubuntu operating system is 20.10. For example, you can install a Notepad++, Photoshop program on your Ubuntu 20.10 system, and even run the most popular mobile game PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC game on your Ubuntu computer.

Now, follow the steps below to install Ubuntu Wine.

   Step 1

First, ping Google with the “ping -c 2” command in Ubuntu Terminal to test the Internet connection.

ping -c 2

Google Sunucularına Ping Atma

   Step 2

If your Ubuntu system is 64-Bit, enable 32-Bit architecture. To do this, execute the command “sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386” in Terminal.

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

32 Bit Mimariyi Etkinleştirme

   Step 3

You need to download Wine Key from WineHQ. Execute the command “wget -nc” in the terminal.

wget -nc

Repo İçin Anahtar İndirme

   Step 4

To add the Wine Key, execute the command “sudo apt-key add winehq.key” in Terminal.

sudo apt-key add winehq.key

Repo İçin Anahtar Kurma

   Step 5

Apply one of the commands below, depending on the system type you use to add WineHQ to your repo.

For Ubuntu 20.10, execute the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb groovy main'

For Ubuntu 20.04 and Linux Mint 20.x, execute the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb focal main'

For Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19.x, execute the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb bionic main'

WineHQ Repo Adresini Ekleme

   Step 6

Execute the sudo apt update command to update the Ubuntu package list.

sudo apt update

Ubuntu Paket Listesini Güncelleme

   Step 7

Now, execute the command “sudo apt install –install-recommends winehq-stable” to start installing Wine 6.0.

sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-stable

Kararlı Sürümü Kurma

   Step 8

Press the Y key and then Enter to confirm the installation of dependent packages for Wine.

Ek Disk Alanı Kullanım Uyarısını Onaylama

   Step 9

Click the Install button to install the Wine Mono package that ensures the correct operation of applications that require a .NET framework.

Mono Paketi Kurulumu

   Step 10

Also, click the Install button to install the Wine Gecko package required for embedded HTML applications.

Gecko Paketi Kurulumu

   Step 11

After installing the WineHQ software, you can use the “wine –version” command on the terminal to find out its version, and you can also run the “winecfg” command to run it.

WineHQ Sürümünü Terminal Üzerinden Öğrenme

   Step 12

In addition, you can check the version of the program from the About section of the program’s GUI interface.

WineHQ Sürümünü Doğrulama

Running Windows Programs on Ubuntu

After installing Wine to run Windows programs on macOS, Linux, and Android, we’ll run Notepad as an example.

Download the latest version of the Notepad program onto your Ubuntu 20.10 system from the website. Move the downloaded exe file to the desktop location and then follow the steps below.

   Step 1

To open the Notepad.exe file with Wine, right-click on the file and then click Open With Other Application and then select Wine Windows Program Loader as in the image below.

Wine Windows Program Loader

   Step 2

When Notepad installation starts on Ubuntu, select the language you want to use and click the OK button.

Notepad İçin Dil Seçimi

   Step 3

Continue by clicking the Next button in the Wizard window.

Notepad Kurulumunu Başlatma

   Step 4

Click the I Agree button to accept the Notepad ++ v7.9.2 license agreement.

Notepad Lisans Anlaşmasını Kabul Etme

   Step 5

You can manually select the installation location or select the location configured by default. To install in the default location specified during the installation phase, just click Next at this step.

Kurulum Lokasyonunu Yapılandırma

   Step 6

Since you will be installing on the Linux distribution in the select components window, you may not see some options here, but this is not a problem that will prevent the program from running. Therefore, click the Next button to continue the installation.

Bileşenleri Seçme

   Step 7

To create a desktop shortcut for the Windows-based program you installed on the Ubuntu operating system, select the relevant option as in the image below and click the Install button.

Masaüstü Kısayolu Oluşturma

   Step 8

After completing Notepad ++ installation, start the program and check its operability.

Notepad Programını Çalıştırma

   Step 9

You can now see a Windows program running smoothly on the Ubuntu distribution.

Notepad Programının Ana Ekranını Görüntüleme

   Step 10

Finally, to make the desktop shortcut’s icon visible, right-click on it and then click Allow Launching. You can see that the icon is now visible and working in the right part of the image below.

Masaüstü Kısayoluna Başlatma İzni Atama



WineHQ Installation on Legacy Ubuntu Distributions

Video Tutorial

   Final Word

In this article, we have examined the steps to install the Wine software to run Windows-based applications or games on the popular and widely used Ubuntu distribution by many users. Thanks for following us!

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    This didnt work for me. Tried following all the recommendations from here too (, but they didnt work. Have the same problem as the person who asked the question and nothing has solved it so far.

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    Got an error trying to add the Winehq repository for 18.04.
    Is it a script error ?
    Brings the installation to a halt.
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