How to Upgrade VirtualBox on Windows 10

In this article, we will examine how to update or upgrade Oracle VM VirtualBox to the latest version, which allows you to create new virtual machines using virtualization technology on Windows 10 64 Bit and install one of the Windows, Linux, or macOS operating systems on them.

How to Upgrade VirtualBox on Windows 10

How to Upgrade Oracle VM VirtualBox to Latest Version on Windows 10

Oracle VM VirtualBox allows you to run operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or macOS on your physical computer virtually independently of your host system. With this virtualization program, you can create new virtual machines and run multiple virtual computers on a single computer.

If you are a home user or working in the IT department, you have already installed this program on your computers and created a new virtual machine.

You can download and start using Oracle VM VirtualBox free of charge. This software, which is widely used in virtualization solutions, is constantly being developed and updated by Oracle.

When a new update is released for the VirtualBox software you are using, it is recommended to install this update for system stability in guest operating systems.

Two different methods can be used to upgrade VirtualBox. These methods are;

  1. You can completely remove VirtualBox from your system and do a clean install after downloading its new version.
  2. After running the VirtualBox program, you can download and update the new version of the program with the Check for Updates option.

After upgrading VirtualBox to the latest version, you also need to update the Extension Pack software to get more performance from guest machines.

How to Update Oracle Virtualization Software

Regardless of the version of VirtualBox installed on your computer, you can follow the steps in this article to install the new version on your computer.

   Step 1

After running your virtualization software, click Check for Updates from the File menu.

Check for Updates

   Step 2

After checking a new VirtualBox version, click on the link where you can download the program in the information window.

Released A New Version of VirtualBox

   Step 3

Wait while the current version of VirtualBox is downloaded to your computer.

Downloading a New Version of VirtualBox

   Step 4

After downloading the setup file, click OK to close the information window.

Closing the Information Window

   Step 5

Next, close the Oracle virtualization software.

Closing VirtualBox

   Step 6

Go to the location where you downloaded the program and run the setup file as an administrator, and then click Run to confirm the running of the file on your system.

Running Exe File as Administrator

   Step 7

Click Next when the Oracle VM setup wizard opens.

Oracle VM VirtualBox Setup Wizard

   Step 8

If there is a feature that you do not want to install in the custom installation window, you can change it. Click Next if you want to install all the features of the software.

Selecting Features to Install

   Step 9

Click Next to configure the start menu and desktop shortcut from the features to be installed, or to configure all the features selected by default.

Creating a Desktop and Start Menu Shortcut

   Step 10

In the Warning: Network Interfaces window, it is reported that your network connection will be temporarily interrupted. If a program using the Internet is not running or you are not downloading any files, click the Yes button.

Warning: Network Interfaces

   Step 11

After making the necessary settings, click the Install button to start the installation.

Starting Installation

   Step 12

Wait while VirtualBox updates to the latest version.

Copying New Files

   Step 13

After the update, run the Oracle VM software.

Update Complete

How to Upgrade Extension Pack

After upgrading Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows 10, you need to install the latest version of the Extension Pack software to ensure that your guest operating systems work more stable and performance.

   Step 1

The following window informs you that you have an old Extension Pack version. Click the Download button to download the latest version of the Extension Pack.

Updating Extension Pack

   Step 2

Click Download to confirm the download in the information window informing the file size of the Extension Pack.

Downloading Latest Version of Extension Pack

   Step 3

Wait while the VirtualBox Extension Pack is being downloaded.

Downloading Extension Pack

   Step 4

After downloading the new version of the package, click Install to start the installation.

Installing Extension Pack

   Step 5

In the window that states that an older package is installed, click Upgrade to integrate the new version.

Starting the Upgrade

   Step 6

View the full text of the VirtualBox license agreement and click the I Agree button.

Accepting the License Agreement

   Step 7

After installing the required package for guest operating systems, click OK.

Closing the Installation Information Window

   Step 8

Confirm the deletion as you will no longer need the old and new virtual machine driver packages.

Deleting Old and New VirtualBox Packages

   Step 9

You can check the new version of your Oracle virtualization software by clicking Help / About from the tool menu.

Checking Oracle VM VirtualBox Version

   Step 10

To check the extension package version, open File / Preferences and you can see the version of the installed package from the Extensions section.

Checking Extension Pack Version


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