Apple iPhone 7 Specifications

Are you curious about the newest features of Apple iPhone 7? Then you’ll find it all in our comprehensive guide! In this article, we will talk about the exciting new design, color options, and water-resistant bodies.

Of course, the iPhone 7, which comes with the A10 Fusion processor, also has camera improvements. Some of its other innovations are both storage capacity and home button technology. So, let’s examine the details and latest innovations in this Apple phone.

iPhone 7 Features

Apple announced the long-awaited iPhone 7 new phone. Before the official announcement, it revealed that the leaks that shook the market were a little real.

The iPhone 7 with iOS 10 is waiting for its users. Apple reported that pre-orders will receive pre-orders starting on September 9, 2016 (a 1-week process).

Design and Color

Apple has introduced a new color option for this new mobile phone, unlike its previous designs. While the earlier designs were utterly similar, this time, a different design was adopted. This iPhone 7 case comes with five color options;

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Black
  • Jet Black

Apple Rear Camera

The most beautiful design of the iPhone 7 is the Jet Black Piano.

Apple iPhone Phone Colors

Water-Resistant Body

One of the expected features (Waterproof Body) is the feature of a waterproof body. The waterproof feature of the iPhone is covered in IP67 under IEC standard 60529. When physical water or any liquid comes into contact with the phone, the silicone and seal design makes it more durable against liquid contact.

The problems of the liquid entering the phone and coming out of the hardware are prevented to some extent. However, Apple does not guarantee liquid contact against phone wear over time. Maybe there will be a change of mind; we will see over time.

Waterproof Housing

iPhone 7 Hardware

A10 Fusion Processor

Apple introduces the new A10 processor with the iPhone 7. This processor includes more advanced features and performance.

This quad-core processor has a performance increase of 40% compared to the processor that came with the phone that was offered last year.

A10 Processor


While the iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel rear camera, this Plus uses built-in dual-camera technology with built-in zoom. For those who like to take selfies, the front camera is a 7-megapixel camera with face detection.

In addition, 1080p video can be recorded with the front camera.

Purple Phone Color


While previous designs like the iPhone 6 & 6S were available with at least 16GB, they are now available with at least 32GB of storage. So why 32GB? This is because 4K videos taken with the new camera technology require more storage space. Apple considers this to be a benchmark and opts for at least 32GB of storage.

In addition, version 7 Jet Black’s design offers 128GB and 256GB capacity space.

Home Button

With the new Home button, it has more delicate touches, and users can press the Home button with a different rate of intensity, and they will get different responses.

iPhone Home Button

4.7″ ve 5.5″ Screen Size

The iPhone features IPS Multi-Touch display technology in both models. It provides a resolution of 1334×750 pixels at 326ppi within a 4.7-inch design. In the 5.5-inch design, it gives a resolution of 1900X1800 pixels with a density of 401ppi.

Both models feature display technology with a wide range of colors (P3). Dual-effect pixels are available for wide viewing.

4.7 ve 5.5 Inc Screen Size


Battery IconAlso, it provides an additional 2 hours of battery life compared to version 6. Both these models are equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

In addition, it is possible to charge via the Charging adapter and USB.

Stereo Speakers

With stereo speakers, you can enjoy more games while using the phone horizontally. The phone has a loudspeaker system on both the top and bottom.

Stereo Speaker

No Headphone Jack

You can connect Apple’s new headset EarPods to your phone through the Lightning port. The purchased box is included. You can use the new AirPods headphones via a wireless connection.

iPhone Wireless Headset


In this article, we have briefly talked about the features of the iPhone 7, which is Apple’s brand-new phone. Thanks for following us!

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