How to Download Apk from Google Play without a Gmail Account

Today, the use of mobile devices and the use of tablets have increased considerably. We spend our time with our mobile phone or tablet on both our journey from home to work.

How to Download Apk from Google Play without a Gmail Account

How to Download App, Game or APK to Computer via Google Play

As mobile phones are becoming more and more portable, and we are almost unable to keep up with the constant renewal of technology. Moreover, the hundreds of phone applications add in the market.

One of these markets is Google Play. Most people use Android phones. You can find the app or game you want on Google Play. For example; Like Facebook, WhatsApp.

Smartphones with Android operating systems can download apps or games from the Google Play market. This process requires a Gmail account. Unfortunately, you can’t download any apps, games or books without a Gmail account, but there’s a way to do it.

When you try to download any game, it adds on your device in a short time and automatically installs according to your internet connection. When the application installs automatically, you can find the installation file with the .apk extension on your phone.

However, since your Internet quota ends quickly when downloading a high-sized file, it may make sense to download it to your computer first and then copy it to your mobile phone via a USB cable.

You can do this through the .apk downloader, also known as Apk Downloader. Apk Downloader also has an extension for the Chrome web browser.

Google Play Apk Downloader Chrome Extension

The easiest way to get apps or games via Google Play is to use 3rd party software. The app that does this best is the Chrome extension for APK Downloader.

Additionally, if you have multiple extensions on the Chrome web browser you’re using, it will cause your Chrome web browser to run slowly. Because each extension will consume your Ram. That is why we recommend that you visit the Downloader website first.

But if you still want to download it, you can install the Downloader extension here.

How to Download APK from Google Play

To download apps, games, or APK via Google Play without a Store account, follow the steps below.

   Step 1

First, go to the website to open the Google Play store from your computer. Then, type the name of the application or game you want to download into the search box you see in the image below.

Open Google Store

   Step 2

After typing the name of the application you want to download from the store, press the Enter button.

Finding Facebook Application

   Step 3

In this step, you’ll need to copy the app’s link from the link address line of the Chrome web browser.

Copy Browser URL

   Step 4

Now go to the website to download the .apk.

After opening Apk Downloader, paste the copied address link into the part shown in the image below.

Download the App

   Step 5

After pasting the link of Facebook application, click the Generate Download Link button as you can see in the image below.

Generate Download Link

   Step 6

After clicking the button, you will find information about the Facebook application, such as the file size. Downloader is now ready to download the application!

Click the “Click here to download” button.

Click here to download

   Step 7

Facebook APK app started downloading!

Facebook.apk Download

You can easily install the downloaded file to your mobile phone or tablet via USB cable. You can even download a high-sized game/application with Downloader.

When you have to reset your mobile phone or tablet, you can easily install these apps you downloaded without the need for an Internet connection the next time you want to install them again. You can bulk copy your files to your phone and install them one by one.

   Final Word

In this article, we’ve explored step by step how to get APK from Google Play without a Gmail account. Thanks for following us!

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