How to Delete iPhone iCloud Account without Password in All iPhone Models

What is iCloud? iCloud backs up your files, photos, music, and apps and keeps them up-to-date on all your devices. After you open iCloud, any changes you make to your iPhone or Mac will sync to your other devices.

How to Delete iPhone iCloud Account without Password in All iPhone Models

How to Delete Apple iCloud

With iCloud you open on your Apple mobile phone, you can safely back up all your files on your phone. However, in some cases, you may need to remove your iCloud account. If you know the password of your account, removal is very easy.

If you don’t know the account password for the mobile phone you’re using, you’ll never be able to remove it. Due to the vulnerabilities of the iPhone’s legacy IOS system, iCloud accounts could remove in a few ways. However, Apple often updates the IOS software for such situations.

Before selling your phone, you must always remove the iCloud account from your phone and reset your phone. iCloud usually requires for initial configuration of the Phone. The person who purchases your phone can open an account with an Outlook or Gmail account, and open and use iCloud again.

How to Remove iCloud from an iPhone with a Forgotten Password

If you have an iPhone that you have forgotten the password for, you have a chance to remove the account a little while the phone is available. The important thing to note here is that removing the account is related to the version of IOS.

You can follow the steps below to delete an iCloud account for a forgotten password.

  1. Open the Settings app on the Phone and open iCloud.
  2. When prompted for your iCloud password, type a random password and click Done.
  3. Click OK in the warning window informing you that your password is incorrect, and then click Cancel.
  4. Click on your account again and delete the content in the Description section and click Done.
  5. This time you will be redirected to the iCloud home page and you will see that Find My iPhone is turned off in this window.
  6. Now, scroll down and click Delete My Account.

How to Remove iCloud with Forgotten Password But Known Mail Address

To delete an iCloud account from your phone whose password you don’t know but you know the email address you defined for your Apple ID, first visit and follow the steps below to reset the iCloud password.

  1. Enter your iCloud account and click Continue.
  2. There are 2 methods to reset the iCloud password. The first is to reset the password through an email account. The second is to answer security questions.
  3. Continue by selecting one of the two options and after completing the necessary steps, you can reset your iCloud password.

How to Remove iCloud Account Unknown Apple ID Email Address and Password

If either of the methods described above did not help you remove the iCloud account, and you entered more than one incorrect information to reset iCloud, your iPhone Apple ID may be locked.

In this case, the steps you take to reset iCloud are quite difficult. If you don’t know the email address and password of your Apple ID, you can follow these steps to re-use and activate your iPhone.

  1. One of the sure ways to re-use your iPhone is to contact Apple Service.
  2. If you’ve purchased or locked an iPhone, you’ll first need to find your phone bill.
  3. If your phone does not have an invoice or you have lost it, you can contact the company you purchased and ask for your invoice.
  4. Once you’ve received your iPhone phone bill, you’ll need to contact an authorized Apple service.
  5. The Apple service will ask you for your phone bill and your iCloud account will reset within 3 days at the latest, and you will be able to use your phone after opening a new iCloud!

   Final Word

In this article, we reviewed the steps to delete an iPhone iCloud account for Apple’s mobile phones, the world’s most secure phone manufacturer. Thanks for following us!

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