What is PfSense?

PfSense (PF) is a FreeBSD-based operating system designed to install and configure a firewall that can be easily configured through the web interface and can be installed on any PC.

What is PfSense?

What is the PfSense Firewall?

PfSense includes a large list of packages that allow easy expansion of functionality without sacrificing system security.

It is an enormous solution, which means it is licensed under BSD, meaning it can be freely distributed. PF is commercially powered by Electric Sheep Fencing LLC.

OpenBSD recognized as the world’s safest operating system with packet filtering and its own hardware as standard since November 2004.

PF firewall is a system that protects a computer network against intruders from an unauthorized network and allows the filtering of data packets passing through the network.

The firewall can be software or hardware that acts as an intermediary between the local network and one or more external networks.


The PfSense project was developed in September 2004 by Chris Buechler and Ullrich to work on personal computers and servers.

PfSense is a system widely used by home users, large companies, government officials, ministries, and universities.


The installation process is almost the same as the installation steps of FreeBSD. The only difference is that after copying the files to the hard disk in this system, IP addresses are assigned to the network cards first.

After configuring the settings of the network cards, the system can be accessed from a web browser.

Since the management interface of the system is based on PHP, all configurations and management can be done easily. Therefore, there is no need for advanced knowledge about the UNIX command line for administration.

PfSense has a package manager to extend its management and configuration functions. When the desired package is selected, the system automatically downloads and installs it.

With the help of the package system, PfSense can provide the same or more functionality from common commercial firewalls without any limitations.


Because it is open-source software, the developer and user community can provide support and assistance.


The main features of this security operating system are;

  1. Firewall
  2. State Table
  3. Network Address Translation (NAT)
  4. Load Balancing
  5. VPNs (IPsec, OpenVPN, and PPTP)
  6. PPPoE Server
  7. Multi-WAN
  8. DNS Server
  9. Captive Portal
  10. DHCP Server

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for installation on a home computer or server or hardware are as follows;

How To Download It?

The latest version of the PfSense system is 2.4.5. You can find the 2.4.5 release notes here.

You can download PfSense software both as an ISO image file and as a USB memory installer wizard. If you want to use this system as an old computer firewall, you can visit https://www.pfsense.org/download/.

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