How to Install VMware Tools for macOS High Sierra in VMware ESXi

In this article, we’ll examine how to install VMware Tools on macOS High Sierra virtual machine on VMware vSphere server.

How to Install VMware Tools for macOS High Sierra in VMware ESXi

How to Install VMware Tools for macOS High Sierra

You need to setup VMware Tools for the macOS virtual machine that you have installed on vSphere. Under normal circumstances, you can set up VM Tools for virtual machine by following the path to Actions / Guest OS / Install Tools.

When you try to setup VMTools on a macOS virtual machine running on VM ESXi, the VM ISO image does not add to the VM. So, after shutting down the macOS VM and add the darwin.iso file to the VM, you can start installing it.

In the previous articles, we installed macOS on vSphere. In this article, we will install macOS VMware Tools on vSphere.

How to Setup VMware Tools for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4/5/6 on vSphere 6.7U2/6.5

To setup VMware Tools on VMware ESXi, follow the steps below in order.

   Step 1

Power off the macOS VM and click Edit to open the virtual machine’s settings. Then, click CD/DVD Drive 1/ Datastore to add the darwin.iso file to the VM.

Datastore ISO File

   Step 2

Click the Browse button.

Datastore ISO

   Step 3

To copy the ISO image inside vSphere ESXi, click the Upload button.

Upload File

   Step 4

Select the Darwin.iso file you downloaded to your computer from the button at the bottom of the article and click the Open button.

Upload darwin.iso File to ESXi Server

   Step 5

Select the Darwin.iso file on Datastore.

Upload darwin.iso File

   Step 6

Save the macOS High Sierra virtual machine settings by clicking on the Save button.

Save the Settings

   Step 7

Now, power on the virtual machine.

Powen on Virtual Machine

   Step 8

As you can see in the image below, the ISO file is now integrated into the system. Double-click the darwin.iso file to start the setup.

In the setup window, click Install Tools.

Install VMware Tools

   Step 9

In the VMTools Installer window, click the Continue button.

VMware Tools Installer

   Step 10

Start the setup of VM software for macOS by clicking the Install button without changing the location where the files will be copied.

Install VM Tools

   Step 11

Click the Continue Installation button.

Continue Installation

   Step 12

Type your macOS Root password and click on the Install Software button.

Install Software

   Step 13

You need to configure the security setting to allow VM Tools setup when you encounter the System Extension Blocked warning. Click the Open Security Preferences button.

System Extension Blocked

   Step 14

To allow VM Tools for macOS, click Allow.

Allow Application

   Step 15

After successfully installing VM Tools on ESXi, click the Restart button.

The installation was successful

   Step 16

When the VM restarts, you can now use full-screen mode.

VM Full Screen

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Download Darwin.iso for macOS

You can download the darwin.iso file for Mac OS machine installed on VMware ESXi by clicking the following button…

Download File

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