How to Fix uBridge Root Access Error in GNS3

When using the network simulator on Linux systems, if you receive the “Root Access requires root access or the ability to interact with network adapters” warning, you have to change the access permission for the uBridge folder.

How to Fix uBridge Root Access Error in GNS3

What is uBridge in GNS3?

UBridge on GNS3 is used to integrate virtual machines on the VMware Workstation virtualization program into the GNS3 program. It also provides a link between various technologies.

It supports Ethernet, UDP tunnels, and TAP interfaces, and also supports packet capture.

How to Resolve “Root Access requires root access or the capability to interact with network adapters”

After installing Graphical Network Simulator on Linux systems, it is quite simple to fix this problem if you get uBridge Root Access error when you run the program.

When you start the Cisco simulator software, you will probably get this error because you clicked No when you see the uBridge info window. Because the simulator program must provide a connection to the uBridge folder with root access.

uBridge Root Access Error Solution

If you are using the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system, you will probably encounter this error. In our previous article, we have looked at step by step how to install GNS3 on Ubuntu. In this article, we will examine how to troubleshoot uBridge error on Ubuntu.

Follow these steps in order to resolve the uBridge error.

   Step 1

Run the GNS3 program and add a Cisco Router to the working environment. When you run the  Cisco Router, you will see an error like the image below and the Router will not work.

Root Access Error

   Step 2

Close the GNS3 program …

Closing GNS3 Software

   Step 3

When you reopen the program, you will see the uBridge info window as follows. Continue by clicking Yes in this window.

uBridge Warning Window

   Step 4

The uBridge window prompts you to enter your root password. Type in your root password and click OK.

Running GNS3 as an Administrator

   Step 5

Restart the Cisco Router.

Running the Cisco Router

   Step 6

As in the image below, this error will resolve, and the Cisco Router will work! If the error persists, open the Terminal and perform the following commands.

cd /usr/bin/
sudo chmod 777 ubridge

sudo chmod 777 ubridge

   Final Word

In this article, we have examined step by step how to troubleshoot the common uBridge problem for the Cisco simulator program running on Linux systems. Thanks for following us!

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