How to Configure a Router using Cisco SDM Express

SDM software is available to manage Cisco routers with a web-based application. You can install this software on the computer or router and make many basic settings.

How to Configure a Router using Cisco SDM Express

How to Set Up Basic Settings on SDM Express

Before proceeding with the configuration steps, install the program from here. And then, after running the SDM application, follow the steps below in order to manage Cisco routers web-based.

   Step 1: Changing the Router Name

You can easily change the name or name of the Cisco Router with the CLI command. However, to do this with SDM Express, open your web browser and click Basic Configuration.

Basic Configuration

To change the name of your Cisco Router, enter the desired name in the hostname below.

Router Hostname

Now, click Apply Changes to save your change.

Apply Changes

When the generated operations are sent as a command from the management interface to the Router, close the window by clicking the OK button.

Command Delivery Status

   Step 2: Enabling DHCP

To enable DHCP with SDM Express, after selecting DHCP from the settings shown in the left section, the service-related settings will open in the right section.

To enable the service, check the Enable DHCP server on the LAN interface (FastEthernet0/0).

Enable DHCP server on the LAN interface (FastEthernet0/0)

Then enter the range of IP addresses you want to distribute on the LAN. For example, you can configure the range to

In addition, type the IP address of the FastEthernet0/0 interface ( in the DNS field and click the Apply Changes button.

Domain Name Server

Wait while applying changes to the Cisco Router.

Sending Commands to Router

After the DHCP configuration process, turn on your virtual machine running VMware Workstation and configure the TCP/IP settings to obtain an automatic IP address.

Enable Obtaining Automatic IP Address for Virtual Machine

Set the IP address and DNS addresses automatically.

Configure DNS Information Automatically

As soon as you press OK, your virtual machine will receive the TCP/IP information from the Cisco Router. When you look at the image below, you can see that the process completed successfully.

TCP/IP Information

   Step 3: Router Security

With SDM Express, you can set up the router security in a few steps. To do so, click Security and activate 3 settings from the options on the right and save the settings.

Router Security with SDM

Submitting 29 commands, please wait!

Commands Forwarded to Router

How to Use the Cisco SDM Express ⇒ Video

You can watch the video below to use SDM Express on the router and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

All configurations made with SDM Express are for beginners. To make advanced settings such as VLANs, VPNs, you must install the Full version of SDM on your computer or Cisco Router. Thanks for following us!

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