What is Access Port in Switch?

If you want to configure the interfaces of the switches for end-user devices, you must specify those ports as Access Port.

What is Access Port in Switch?

Understanding Access Port

This port is used only for connecting end-user devices such as computers and printers.

When configuring VLANs on Cisco Switches, you must add a user on the network to the created VLAN. In doing so, you have to connect the Ethernet interface of the user computer to the corresponding interface of the Switch, and you must also configure this interface as Access Mode.

In short, all computers to be connected to the Switch are configured as access mode!

If you add another Switch to the network environment, you must configure the ports that are connected from the Switch to the Switch for TRUNK.

To configure an interface as Access mode on the Cisco Switch, the switchport mode access command is used in the config mode of the respective interface.

How to Configure the Cisco Switch’s Interface as Access Mode

To connect the end devices to the ports of the Cisco SW, first, open the CLI command prompt and then execute commands on the interface to be configured as Access.

To configure the SW interfaces as Access on the Cisco Packet Tracer and to make these ports a member of the VLAN, create a network topology as shown in the image below.

After creating a network topology, click Switch0 and follow the instructions below to assign PC1 to VLAN5.

Switch0# conf t
Switch0(config)# interface fastethernet 0/2
Switch0(config-if)# switchport mode access
Switch0(config-if)# switchport access vlan 5
Switch0(config-if)# end
Switch0# wr

Switchport Mode Access = We have configured the Cisco Switch interface to which PC1 in the network topology connected as Access mode.
Switchport Access Vlan 5 = We have made PC1 in the network topology a member of the created VLAN5.

Two Cisco Switches Connected with Trunk Port

Click Switch1 on the network topology and configure the Fa0/1 interface to which PC2 is connected. After configuring the Fa0/1 interface to Access mode, register the PC2 computer to VLAN5.

Switch1# conf t
Switch1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1
Switch1(config-if)# switchport mode access
Switch1(config-if)# switchport access vlan 5
Switch1(config-if)# end
Switch1# wr

Switch1(config-if)# switchport mode access 


After creating a simple network topology on your computer using the Packet Tracer program as in the image above, you can watch the video below to configure SW interfaces as an access mode and also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us!

   Final Word

Access ports are usually configured when connecting a computer, printer, or other devices to the Switch. Note that this access mode can only pass a single VLAN ID. Thanks for following us!

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