How to Install Wireshark on Windows 10 & 11

This article will guide you through installing Wireshark to monitor the network traffic passing through the LAN adapters of your Windows 10, 11, or earlier versions of computers or virtual machines.

How to Install Wireshark on Windows 10/11

How to Set Up Wireshark on Windows 10 & 11

As you know, Wireshark is a network analysis program. This software allows you to analyze and report all incoming and outgoing IP packets on the interface connected to the Internet.

Regardless of your operating system, downloading the appropriate Wireshark program and performing a seamless installation is entirely feasible.

Upon successfully installing Wireshark on your Windows 10 or 11 system, you can conduct data analysis and filtering on network protocols like USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet to facilitate data transfer.

It makes it easier for you to identify the source of problems occurring in your LAN, and in addition, you can quickly audit the web for activities or leaks.

The Wireshark packet sniffer program, which raises your network security to the maximum level, works harmoniously with Windows, Linux, macOS, and other operating systems.

The software is amenable to customization to serve individual needs due to its open-source nature, offering users greater flexibility.

How to Download and Install Wireshark Step by Step on Windows 10 / 11 PC

Suppose you have a 1 Ghz processor speed, at least 300-500 MB free disk space, and 1 GB or 2 GB memory for system requirements.

You can install your system’s Wireshark network protocol analysis software.

Step 1

Downloading the setup file from the internet website onto your computer depends on the operating system that your computer utilizes.

Windows Installer (64-bit)

Step 2

Run the installation file with the EXE extension as an administrator.

Running Exe File as Administrator

Step 3

After double-clicking the setup file, continue by clicking the Next button in the setup wizard that opens.

Setup Wizard

Step 4

Click the “I Agree” button to acknowledge the Wireshark license agreement.

Accepting the License Agreement

Step 5

As the Choose Components screen selects the necessary tools by default, proceed with the suitable options.

Selecting Components

Step 6

In the Select Additional Tasks window, edit the shortcuts you want to create and configure file extension diagnostics on your system.

Creating Shortcuts

Step 7

On the Choose Install Location screen, leave the default location so it works correctly and continues.

Choosing an Installation Location

Step 8

The most important utility of this software is WinPcap. Since we recommend installing it, select the Install WinPcap option in this window and click Next.

WinPcap Installation

Step 9

The USBPcap software is required to capture USB devices. If you want to install it, continue by selecting the Install USBPcap option.

USBPcap Installation

Step 10

Please wait while the installation starts and the required files for Wireshark are extracted.

Extracting Files

Step 11

Click the Next button to install the WinPcap software.

WinPcap Installation Wizard

Step 12

Accept the WinPcap license agreement.

Accepting License Terms

Step 13

Select the option below to start the WinPcap driver automatically when your computer boots up and click Next.

Installation Options

Step 14

After completing the WinPcap installation, click Finish to start the USBPcap installation.

Installation Completed

Step 15

Accept the USBPcap driver’s license agreement and click Next.

USBPcap Driver License

Step 16

Accept the USBPcapCMD license and proceed to the installation.


Step 17

Leave the USBPcap installation type options as default and continue with the installation.

Choosing the Installation Type

Step 18

Start the USBPcap installation.

Choosing the Destination Folder

Step 19

After the installation is complete, the wizard will continue for the building.

Closing the Wizard Window

Step 20

Wait while the network analysis program copies the necessary files to your system.

Network Analysis Program is Establishing

Step 21

After completing the installation steps, you may move to the subsequent phase by clicking the Next button.

Installation Completed

Step 22

Upon completion of the essential measures, it is advisable to restart your computer to ensure that the alterations take effect.

Restarting the Computer

Step 23

Upon opening the network activity control program after restarting your computer, you can see the first boot image below. After this stage, you must select the LAN card you are connected to on the Internet or in your test environment to analyze the LAN and WAN traffic.

Provided you are utilizing a Wifi adapter for Internet connectivity, access the adapter by double-clicking on it.

Use of the Program

Step 24

While your computer is accessing the Internet, the program will analyze the IP packets and report them as follows.

Capturing from Wi-Fi

Step 25

You can check the version of the LAN analysis program installed on your computer from the Help / About section.

Checking the Version of the Program



This article outlined installing the Wireshark 64-bit program on a Windows 10 / 11 64-bit operating system. In the upcoming articles, we’ll extensively cover utilizing this app.

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