How to Install Wireshark on Windows 10

Which operating system you are using, you can download and install Wireshark on your computer according to your system. In this article, we will configure Wireshark on Windows 10 64-Bit operating system.

How to Install Wireshark on Windows 10

How to Use Wireshark on Windows 10

As you know, Wireshark is a network analysis program. It analyzes and reports all incoming and outgoing IP packets on the interface to which you connected to the Internet. In our previous article, we have given detailed information about what Wireshark is.

In this article, we will examine how to install Wireshark. Before proceeding with the installation steps, you must download Wireshark from its site to your computer.

   Step 1

Download the program from here to your computer according to the operating system you use.

Windows Installer (64-bit)

   Step 2

Run the installation file as an administrator.

Running EXE File as Administrator

   Step 3

Continue by clicking Next in the setup wizard.

Setup Wizard

   Step 4

Click I Agree to accept the license agreement.

Accepting License Agreement

   Step 5

Continue leaving the components as default.

Choose Components

   Step 6

In the Select additional tasks window, select the Desktop Icon option to create the shortcut.

Select Additional Tasks

   Step 7

Leave the installation location as default and continue by clicking Next.

Choose Install Location

   Step 8

The most important utility of this software is WinPcap. Select Install WinPcap and click Next.

WinPcap Setup

   Step 9

The USBPcap software is required to capture USB devices. If you want to install this program, select Install USBPcap and continue.

USBPcap Setup

   Step 10

Wait while the necessary files extract and installation is starting.

Extracting Files

   Step 11

Click Next to install WinPcap.

Welcome to the WinPcap Setup Wizard

   Step 12

Accept the WinPcap license agreement.

License Agreement

   Step 13

Select the option below to have the WinPcap driver start automatically while your computer is booting and click Next.

Installation Options

   Step 14

WinPcap installation is completed and click Finish to start the USBPcap installation.

Completing Setup Wizard

   Step 15

Accept the USBPcap driver license agreement and click Next.

USBPcap Driver License

   Step 16

Accept the USBPcapCMD license and proceed with the installation.


   Step 17

Leave the USBPcap installation type options by default and continue with the installation.

Detect USB 3.0

   Step 18

Start the USBPcap installation.

Destination Folder

   Step 19

Once the installation is complete, the wizard will continue to setup.

USBPcap Setup Completed

   Step 20

Installing the network analysis program…

Installing Software

   Step 21

After completing the installation steps, click Next to proceed to the next step.

Installation Complete

   Step 22

Now reboot your Windows computer for the changes to take effect.

Reboot Now

   Step 23

After your computer restarts, open the program. The first boot image of the network analysis program is as follows. To analyze network traffic, you must select your network card in which you are connected to the Internet or in your test environment.

If you use a wifi adapter to connect to the Internet, double-click your wifi adapter.

Network Usage

   Step 24

When your computer is accessing the Internet, the program will analyze the IP packets and report them as follows.

Capturing from Wi-Fi

   Step 25

You can check the version of the network analysis program you have installed on your computer in Help / About section.

Check Version

How Network Analysis Perform? ⇒ Video

You can perform the installation steps by watching the video below and, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to support us.

   Final Word

In this article, we have performed the installation steps of the Wireshark 64 bit on Windows 10 64 bit operating system. In our next articles, we will discuss its usage in detail. Thanks for following us!

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