What is FTP Protocol in Networking?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) was developed by Abhay Bhushan on April 16, 1971, for research in MIT resources and described in RFC 959 in 1985.

What is FTP Protocol in Networking?

What is FTP?

FTP is a protocol that allows file transfer between two computers. Although it is a protocol, it is also a program. Using this protocol, you can transfer files between two computers programmatically.

By connecting to the remote computer with this protocol, you can list and download both folders and files to your computer. Another example of use is that you can easily upload or download files by accessing the Web Server.

In short, after you establish a connection between the client and the server, you can make any changes to the files on the server. So, you can delete or edit these files.

Also, when transferring files, a user name and password are required. However, in some cases, an Anonymous account can be created to set up a public access server.

This file transfer protocol uses TCP and uses 21 ports assigned by IANA by default.

When to Use File Transfer Protocol

Although this protocol is insecure, it is still in use today. For example, you can use the file transfer protocol to transfer files between two locations. If you want to transfer smaller files, you can also do this by sending an e-mail.

Another example of use; it is used to update network devices or to back up and update configuration files for these devices.

How to Use FTP Command in CMD in Windows 10

You can simply use this protocol with the CMD command prompt on Windows operating systems. The following command is used to establish a connection to the server.

C:\> ftp
ftp> open ftp.WEBSITENAME.com


File Transfer Protocol Commands

You need to know and understand the FTP commands in the CMD. The commands that you can use in Windows Command Prompt are as follows.

Cd: It is used to change directory.
Cd ..: It is used to switch to the previous directory.
Pwd: It is used to indicate the path of the directory.
Dir: It is used to list files.
Ls: It is used to list files briefly.
Get: It is used to retrieve the file. (File Transfer)
Put: It is used to send files. (File Transfer)
Mget: It is used to retrieve multiple files.
Mput: It is used to send multiple files.
Ascii: It is used to indicate that ASCII is used as the transfer mode.
Binary: It is used to specify BINARY as the transfer mode.
Delete: It is used to delete a file.
Mkdir: It is used to create a new directory.
Rmdir: It is used to delete an empty directory.
Help: Lists the available commands.
Lcd: It is used to change the directory on the local machine without exiting from FTP.
Close: It closes the connection only without exiting from FTP.
Quit: It is used to exit FTP completely.

Free Programs for File Transfer

There are also free FTP protocol programs that provide a great convenience for configuring your files. These;

1. FileZilla (Windows and Mac are compatible.)
2. Cyberduck (Windows and Mac are compatible.)
3. FireFTP (Windows and Mac are compatible.)
4. FreeFTP (Windows is compatible.)
5. WinSCP (Windows is compatible.)

The most used and recommended program is FileZilla…

   Final Word

In this article, we have provided brief information about the FTP File Transfer Protocol. Although this protocol provides a fast file transfer, it is an insecure protocol. Therefore, it is recommended to use Secure FTP (SFTP) or SSH instead of FTP. Thanks for following us!

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